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P. Paul Fenech - Skitzofenech
There he is again, my mate P. Paul Fenech, frontman of The Meteors, with his seventh solo outing entitled Skitzofenech. The veteran of psychobilly has played over 5000 live shows, and he ain’t planning on retiring yet. Here we go again!
P. Paul Fenech sounds like a nasty mean ol’ fart that sits at the bar for hours, waiting for a hot chick to harass. That, or to kick in the teeth of a stupid punk kid that thinks he’s smarter than him. Mister Fenech is a barrel of wisdom as one can see in his lyrics. My personal favourite of this record is the song ‘A Bastards Advice’ which features the lyric ‘if you’re the last man standing, who the fuck’s gonna know?’. They don’t teach you that in school, now do they?!
The main difference with the previous record is the addition of more country music. The record even features a Johnny Cash cover (which seems to be hot these days, even Snoop Dogg is doing it!). Unfortunately this cover has to be the most played song of this legend ever; ‘Ring Of Fire’. Also I hear more female vocals, in a very punk way. Even the hidden track features these vocals. This makes the record even more dynamic. The record already features influences of rock ‘n’ roll, punk, surf and country, which makes it a entertaining album to listen to, if these styles are your cup of tea.
All in all P. Paul has managed to create another good record of psychobilly with a lot of variation. Skitzofenech is bound to please his fans, and I hope that this time I will be able to catch him on tour. No doubt that he will be over here quite soon, going towards 6000 live shows.
P. Paul Fenech - Skitzofenech
78/1001Details People Like You Records
Released on Monday May 12th, 2008

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Jun 15th, 2008

Tags: #P. Paul Fenech
Tracklisting 01. The Lost (P)
02. What Kind Of Spell You Use (To Hold My Demon Heart)
03. Thats Mean Of You Baby
04. A Bastards Advice
05. Just Killing Time
06. Nick And The Preacher
07. Im So Bad
08. This Fuckin World (Aint Big Enuf)
09. So Gaddamned Hot
10. One Eyed Jacks
11. Inselaffen (Stand Your Ground)
12. Damned Happy
13. Ring Of Fire
14. 32 Nightmares
Line up P. Paul Fenech - vocals, guitar, various instruments
Various additional musicians