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Final Axe - The Axe Of The Apostles
Back in 1989, Final Axe was born after two gentlemen met at a festival where one of them was already selling T-shirts for a band called Final Axe for which he had come up with a concept. Thus, the band was born although the vocals and guitar were already recorded in 1990, nothing has been released so far. Until now.
Final Axe is metal in every single way; just take a look at the song titles for example. The guitar riffs are decent but far from original with a lot of strumming in the verses while the choruses contain chords and loops. And all the songs have these nice, rocking vibe. It never gets boring but it never gets very interesting either.
At first I immediately made comparisons with that other ‘over-the-top’ metal band; Dream Evil, but that would do our Swedish friends no good. While Dream Evil creates a massive sound and gives you that blasted feeling, has Final Axe been busy with naturalizing the songs; it’s all very ‘dry’. And above all, Final Axe has made some tough choices in the songwriting process, especially when it comes to the drum sections. ‘Hanging by a Thread’ could have been a good rock song if the verses would have continued in grooving. Instead, the drummer changes his pattern so that the groove is totally gone.
But then, the vocals. I’m sure this guy already knows he can’t really sing because it is obvious he can’t hold his tone very long. But the thing is that normally that doesn’t matter. As long as his nonchalance is visible and he will laugh about his own mistakes, the crowd will accept and appreciate it. However, I get the feeling that mr Miles is considering to take it all very serious and I think that could be a dangerous thing. We all know these men, we’ve all seen them and we all think it’s a pity their friends haven’t put them on their places. Keith Miles is a Christian and he’s proud of it. Well, that’s very good for him but I feel a real mismatch with the whole concept of Final Axe and his ideas. If these songs have been on the kitchen table for almost twenty years and this is the result, I just hope there’s not going to be another one.
Final Axe - The Axe Of The Apostles
50/1001Details Retroactive Records
Released on Thursday May 25th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Friday Jul 25th, 2008

Tags: #Final Axe
Tracklisting 1. Heads Will Roll
2. Burn In Hell
3. Ball And Chain
4. Hanging By A Thread
5. Dealing With Death
6. Vengeance Is Mine
7. Slaves
8. Metal Missionaries
9. We're Not Heroes
10. Worlds Away
Line up Keith Miles: vocals
Bill Menchen: all stringed instruments & keyboards
Robert Sweet: drums