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Damngod - Holy Terror
FinlandsDamngod seems to be a band which at first sight I’d dig pretty much. I’ll let the website do the rest of the talking in the introduction section: "Damngod isn't about being nice, Damngod isn't about being emo, goth or anything else even remotly gay!! This is metal with a punkrock fuck you attitude, take it or leave it!! We' made our choice and basicly we don't care!!!!"
Woehaaa, lovely! Why focus on the spelling or the explanation of the songs when one should focus on guitar riffs instead, right? And right when the cd starts to play, I get the feeling that focusing on the music is exactly the primary thing Damngod has been doing lately. Spoken words are breaking the silence, shortly followed by the first thrashy riffs. And how tasteful they are. Really good head banging riffs and breakdowns are spitted out of the amps as easy as a cow shits the pastures. Especially the title song makes me jump from my chair in no time.
Unfortunately there is a downside which in this case is represented by the vocals. With such melodic guitars it is a little bit of a disappointment to hear such monotone grunts and screams, as if the signers were ripped off from a modern hardcore band. Not a good combination and it almost feels a little like a betrayal. And as the songs continue to play I feel the opposite as I did before listening to the record. What once seemed a promising product with the main focus seriously on the music, now looks like a group of uncontrolled musicians who believe way too much in their own capabilities.
As a result of that, the attitude starts to get a little annoying and I take a closer look at the bio which describes Holy Terror as ‘cool artwork, great fucking tunes, no lyrics included, metal with a fuck you attitude and no bullshit’.
Damngod - Holy Terror
45/1001Details Rooster Records
Released on Friday Apr 18th, 2008

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Aug 28th, 2008

Tags: #Damngod
Tracklisting 1. Nemesis
2. The Lesson
3. One Of The Nine
4. Among The Wolves
5. Fuck Your P.M.A.
6. Holy Terror
Line up Mika Ojala: Guitar and Vox.
Toni Broman: Bass.
Marko Lehto: Guitar
Antti Vedenpää: Vox.
Jaska L.: Drums.