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Pro-Pain - No End In Sight

After a fifteenth birthday with a tenth record, Pro-Pain isn’t ready to quit yet and as prove they have just released their eleventh album, appositely called No End In Sight. Although it is described as a “back to the roots”-album they have released their most melodic and musically diverse full-length ever with No End In Sight. After fifteen years of heavy and uncompromisable metalcore they now must have felt the urge to do some things a little bit different, but probably not everybody will see this as a positive thing.

With opener ‘Let The Blood Run Through The Streets’ they start with a typical Pro-Pain song. Also ‘Phoenix Rising’, with Cannibal Corpse’s Rob Barrett on guitar, is such a track, but when an old-school fan will hear tracks like ‘Hour Of The Time’, with a guest appearance of Stephan Weidner from Germany’s Böhse Onkelz, and ‘Where We Stand’, he’ll probably be a bit shocked. Frontman Gary Meskil not only uses his raw screaming voice on this record, but he also tries to sing more and more. With this clean singing the band also introduces some cheesy sing-a-long choruses.

All in all No End In Sight still remains typically Pro-Pain, but you’ll have to give it some more time. A song like ‘Hour Of The Time’ also fits perfect in the live-set of these veterans. Metalrage saw them at the Elsrock 2008 festival a couple of days ago, but you’ll need to be a little bit more open-minded for it.

Pro-Pain - No End In Sight
80/1001Details Soulfood / Suburban
Released on Monday Aug 25th, 2008

Writer @Gilles on Monday Sep 8th, 2008

Tags: #Pro-Pain
Tracklisting 01. Let The Blood Run Through The Streets
02. Halo
03. Hour Of The Time
04. To Never Return
05. Where We Stand
06. Phoenix Rising
07. Go It Alone
08. All Rise
09. God’s Will
10. The Fight Goes On
11. Where We Stand (Ream mix)
Line up Gary Meskil – Vocals, bass
Tom Klimchuck – Lead and rhythm guitar
Marshall Stephens – Rhythm guitar
JC Dwyer – Drums