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Pro-Pain, Demia - Make War Not Love in Leiden
On Friday December 21st I went to the LVC in Leiden together with a friend. I was finally about to witness the guys I had been in contact with for such a long time: Demia. I was pretty stoked to get to see them and since Pro-Pain is a band with quite a name as well I decided this would be a nice night out.
When we entered the venue Demia was already playing. There weren't too many people present at that time and I was a bit surprised they had already started their set. Turns out that the LVC website had provided the wrong time (9.00 pm) while the band had to start at 8.45 pm. Fuck! Of their 35 minutes I missed about 15 minutes. Ah well...still 5 and a half song left to enjoy.
Now, I've read a couple of live reviews about Demia on from my colleagues before but they weren't that positive about the band back then. I'd like to state that of course Demia isn't a big fuckin' band in the scene but I personally can tell you that their show was definitely very enjoyable. The sound wasn't too optimal because of the acoustics in the venue itself but as for the overall mix in the music I think the band did quite fine! Both guitarists and bassist Spit seemed to enjoy their show very much as did some of their true fans in front of the stage. They just seem so thankful to be able to do the thing they like best! And that's a very good thing 'cause I can't stand those bands who just stand still and play their tunes. Fuck that! Gimme some action! Furthermore vocalist Yoav screamed his lungs out and he did it in a very fine way! I think his vocal capabilities are more than decent and even his clean vocals, of which I was a bit afraid they would fail live, were performed in a good way. Except for some very short passages in one song (can't remember which one right now), in which he got a bit overruled by the other instruments.
The setlist was as follows:
Phantom Limbs
Sweet Salivation
My Role*
Evolutional Regression
The songs with a * are taken from the Sinus EP, the rest is of their latest album Insidious.
Afterwards I talked to Spit for quite a while and through this way I would like to thank him for a nice time, for getting me a spot on the guestlist and for all his cooperation with over the years. Thanks dude! Thanks Demia!
I'll be honest with you here; I had absolutely no clue what to expect of a Pro-Pain show. Yeah, I know some songs of theirs but that's really not much compared to their entire oeuvre. Especially when they told us they are celebrating their 15th anniversary this year and played about 3000 shows in over 42 countries I realized I didn't know shit of this band. Well, a nice opportunity to finally get to change that right?!
In the small venue of the LVC it took them pretty damn long to build up their set but once these New Yorkers started playing the crowd turned wild, screaming their lungs out and nodding their heads along to every breakdown in the set. A small circle pit started but I don't think that's very noteworthy since there were like 5 people actively moshing around in there.
Unfortunately I can't tell you which songs Pro-Pain played except for 'Make War Not Love', which I happily sang along with, but what I can tell you is that I was pleasantly surprised by their show. Although their songs aren�t the most original ones I think they were played in a very convincing way and judging from the reactions of the crowd I believe the band did a fine job this night. And yes, an encore of about 6 songs does help making the crowd even happier.