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Born To Lose - Saints Gone Wrong
What do you do when you’re a musician who's writing songs for his next album and you're not really getting the job done. Indeed you’ll book a European tour, at least that’s what the boys of Born To Lose would do. Born To Lose hailing from Austin,Texas just released their third album called Saints Gone Wrong.
From the beginning of the album with ´Great Beyond´ it’s pretty obvious where Born To Lose is heading for. A great album with honest straight forward punkrock with a twist of country. The album continues with the title track that instantly gives me a great feeling and makes it very hard for me to sit still. I don’t know if it’s the catchy riff or the melody that’s constantly in the background that makes this track stand out, but damn it sounds good!
Luckily for me there’s much more where the title track came from. With ´Let It Go´ they created a track that has the pedal to the metal. It instantly makes you wish your were in your car to break its speed record. Although the lyrics for that particular track aren’t really top of the bill, it does give you that great feeling that you should have listening to punkrock tracks.
It’s pretty obvious that Born To Lose succeeded with the idea of creating an honest, straightforward punk rock album. With a great feeling and vibe that makes you wish you were on stage yourself playing these songs.
Born To Lose - Saints Gone Wrong
78/1001Details People Like You
Released on Monday Jul 28th, 2008

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Sep 28th, 2008

Tags: #Born To Lose
Tracklisting 01. Great Beyond
02. Saints Gone Wrong
03. Long Hard Road
04. Let It Go
05. Sound Track
06. Ante Up
07. Memories
08. We Won't Forget
09. My Mortality
10. Old #6
11. Give Us Hate
Line up Chris Klinck - vocals
Ben Ballard - guitar/vocals
Larry Hargrave - drums
Chris Hausen - bass
Kevin Gentry - guitar