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Born To Lose - Sweet Misery
Born To Lose is a Texas based punk rock band. The band was formed in 2000 and a few years and many beers later they decided to take the circus on the road. A couple of records and thousands of miles later, Born To Lose is still at it, always touring and eagerly anticipating the release of their new record ‘Sweet Misery’.
Surprisingly, I liked this album pretty much. With this album, Born To Lose is actually able to move me around even though I haven’t got the slightest bit of energy in my body. And of course it’s a good thing when an album is able to do that. I guess that’s because of the fact that all the songs are played in quite a high (typical punk) tempo. What makes it really special though, are the guitar solos every now and then. Not that they’re genius in any way, I’m just not used to hear those a lot on punk albums.
Assuming that everybody who even bothers to read this review, knows what punk is, I won’t be wasting any time to describe the music. You’ll know what to expect.
Then again, this music is typical punk rock, which you either love or hate. And since I’m not being a big fan of the genre, I got pretty annoyed by the way too standard sing-along choruses. Which results in me recommending this album to punk rock fans only and if you’re not into this stuff…don’t even bother to check it out, ‘cause it probably sounds the same to you as hundreds of other punk bands. Must be your thing I guess.
Born To Lose - Sweet Misery
68/1001Details I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records
Released on Monday Apr 17th, 2006
Punk rock

Writer @Boek on Monday Apr 3rd, 2006

Tags: #Born To Lose
Tracklisting 01. Not Alone
02. Salvation
03. Sweet Misery
04. The Fallen
05. Along The Way
06. New Babylon
07. Red Leather Romance
08. Paid Up
09. Place & Time
10. The Ship
11. Bitter Streets
12. Anthem
Line up Chris Klinck - Vocals
Ben Ballard - Guitar / Vocals
Kevin Gentry - Guitar
Chris Hausen - Bass
Larry Hargrave - Drums