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Debauchery - Continue to Kill

This German death metal-outfit is also defined as 'death 'n' roll' on the internet, and I can agree with that. Continue To Kill is Debauchery's 6th full length album and consists of 13 slamming tracks and one Slayer cover.

The 'roll' influences are noticable on tracks like 'Hard Rockin', 'Metal on Metal' and 'King of Killing' but to me they sound more like a cheesy AC/DC riff with death metal vocals on top of it. This could be done in a more creative way! I bet it works out great live but it needs 'more metal' to fit in with the rest of the tracks. Good thing that this band excels in slamming out fast death metal tracks. Tracks like 'Blood God Rising' and 'Continue to Kill' are 100% full on death metal assaults, the way only Germans seem to be able to do it; You can interpret that any way you want. 'Warfare' could be a Pantera track, with it's typical Dimebag-ish simple but effective riffing. 'Mincing Machine' would probably qualify for a hardrock track if it didn't have the gutteral singing we all love (or hate). Closer 'Walking Glory Road' is an almost Maiden-esque track with dual leads and melodies in it. Hmm.

This disc is worth checking out if you're a death metal fan and if you're not afraid of a few weird influences. The band is in excellent form, and the tracks have that right mix of heavy, slamming groovy riffs and fast doublebass sections to get your head moving. Spice it up with some thrashy sections and you`ll have a nice kicking mix of German death metal. The band doesn't need a Slayer cover, and if the album had a few less cheesy rock 'n' roll tracks (or would mix it up in a better way) it would be even more in your face. Good stuff!

Debauchery - Continue to Kill
78/1001Details AFM Records Germany
Released on Tuesday Apr 29th, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @Carn on Sunday Oct 12th, 2008

Tags: #Debauchery
Tracklisting 1. It Pleases Us To Kill
2. Blood God Rising
3. Continue To Kill
4. Faith And Fire
5. Hard Rockin'
6. Apostle Of War
7. Worship The Violence
8. King Of Killing
9. Angel Of Death (Slayer Cover)
10. Warfare
11. Cuntkiller
12. Mincing Machine
13. Metal On Metal
14. Walking Glory Road
Line up Thomas "The Bloodbeast" - Vocals, Guitars, Producer
Dennis Ward - Bass, Co-Producer
Tom Neumann - Lead-Guitars
Tomasz - Drums