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Gruesome Stuff Relish - Teenage Giallo Grind (reissue)
Gruesome Stuff Relish is a Spanish grindcore band which I just witnessed live at the annual Bloodshedfest at Dynamo, Eindhoven. The band has just released their latest effort Horror Rises From The Tomb through No Escape Records, who also decided to give their first full length a re-release as well. Teenage Giallo Grind dates back to 2002, but is now reissued with bonus tracks.
These Spanish grinders play grindcore dedicated to display their love for classic Italian horror films about cannibals, zombies and Giallo (as the album-title already reveals). They do this by mixing old school Swedish death metal like Carnage and Dismember with the gore sound of bands like Impetigo and Necrony, which results in a sound that seems to mix Blood Duster and Exhumed in some way. Brutal nasty gore mixed with a Swedish groove, works excellently if I do say so myself.
This reissue comes with five bonus tracks from the three-way split record Split Your Guts Volume 1 with Gronibard and Gorerotted, which shows that Gruesome Stuff Relish is a high ranking goregrind band. The overall sound on this record is quite good, it sounds nice and slimy, but also crunchy and fuzzy when needed. Good material, for those into the bands mentioned above.
Gruesome Stuff Relish - Teenage Giallo Grind (reissue)
No ScoreDetails No Escape Records
Released on Monday Sep 22nd, 2008

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Oct 29th, 2008

Tags: #Gruesome Stuff Relish
Tracklisting 01. Coming Back To Life
02. Grand Guignol Cannibale
03. L'Aldila
04. Savage Men... Savage Beasts
05. Bizarre Sacrifice
06. Enchanted Bodies
07. Zombified Crowd
08. Cannibal Freakout
09. Skull Collectors Of Borneo
10. The Gruesome Horror Begins
11. Jungle Rites
12. Kwaheri
13. Spaghetti Terror (Is Pretty Cool)
14. Black Demons
15. Malignant Virus Infection
16. Deep River Savages
17. Somewhere At An Altar 2
18. Jungles of The Matto Grosso
19. Voodoo Ritual
20. Zombie Wizard
21. Last Men Alive
22. One More Victim
23. Mondo Chelano (The Naked Truth)
24. In The Cold
25. Lost In The Green Hell
26. El Lamento De Los Zombies
27. Prisoner Of The Cannibal God
28. Cinema Verite Style
29. Eaten Alive
30. It's The End Of The World (As We Know It)

Bonus Tracks:
31. Faces of Death
32. Wild Party (Cannibal Freakout II)
33. Nightmare City
34. The Cave of the Cannibal
35. The Three Mothers
Line up Santiago Argento - guitar/bass/infectious growls
Paolo Deodato - drums/grunts
Noel Kemper - guitar/bass/vocals and screamin' regurgitations