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Gruesome Stuff Relish - Horror Rises From The Tomb
Just like with my previous review of Gruesome Stuff Relish, this record is a reissue. Again originally released by Razorback Records, yet only in the beginning of this year. Still, No Escape Records from Australia decided to reissue this one as well, again with a couple of bonus tracks. For a more detailed introduction on these Spanish grinders, check the other review please.
You can really hear the difference between the 2002 record and this one, especially the recording sound has really evolved and matured during the six years in between. A real heavy grind ‘n’ roll guitar sound oozes out of my speakers, accompanied by various nasty blubber and scream vocals. Horror Rises From The Tomb is a great effort in old school goregrind, bound to please fans of bands like Exhumed, (old) Carcass, Blood Duster and Impetigo. Very groovy and very dirty, with an awesome production.
And I now we’re not supposed to credit reissued albums, yet I was willing to make an exception because this one has only been released in March of this year. The two bonus tracks on this disc are unreleased tracks by the way, recorded in the same session as the tracks for this record. This band was one of my great discoveries at this year’s Bloodshedfest, so I’m willing to do them a favour. I for one will visit them again if they’ll play in The Netherlands again, and if you dig old school gore grind you should too!
Gruesome Stuff Relish - Horror Rises From The Tomb
83/1001Details No Escape Records
Released on Monday Sep 22nd, 2008

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Oct 29th, 2008

Tags: #Gruesome Stuff Relish
Tracklisting 01. Triumph of The Dead
02. Psychoslasher
03. Horror Rises From The Tomb
04. Fullmoon Ritual
05. Violenza Carnale
06. I Know What You Did Last Summer...(In Thailand)
07. The Symbol of Tupanamba
08. Love Goddess of The Cannibals
09. Z Is For Zombie
10. The Dead Will Walk The Earth
11. Hordes of Death
12. Blow Their Heads
13. Feast of the Cannibal
14. Virus
15. Bloodshed In Weert
16. Ultra Zombie Mayhem
17. Grind Scene '91
18. Somewhere At An Altar III
19. Nudo e Selvaggio

Bonus Tracks:
20. True Gore
21. Invasion Of The Flesh Hunters
Line up Santiago Argento - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Paolo Deodato - Drums, Vocals
Noel Kemper - Guitar, Bass, Vocals