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Eldritch - Portrait Of The Abyss Within

If people would ask me to describe the style of this album, I would say it is a mix of Agressive thrashmetal like Annihilator and progressive rock/metal like Dream Theater and Fates Warning. Sometimes you can even hear influences of Pantera.

Some of the songs are typical thrash, other songs typical progressive. But there are also some songs which include both genres.

The cd starts with an intro, which I just listened twice. All the other times I skipped it because it's getting boring.
Then begins the 2nd track, 'forbidden', with a nice thrashy riff. It really reminds me of Annihilator, the music that is. About the vocals I still have some doubts. It's not bad, but could use a little more agression, like the music. This song is great if you are in a hurry with your car. I guarantee you that you will drive much faster!
The same can be said about the 10th song, 'Slow Motion "k" Us'. This song even overpowers 'forbidden'. This surely is my favorite song of this album. The riffs are really catchy, just like the drumbeats. This is thrash as it should be!
The 3rd song, 'The world apart', is a nice progressive mid-tempo song with a catchy refrain. The song is worked out properly. The different parts of the song fit very well.
'The Everlasting Mind Disease', the 4th song, begins with a thash-like riff, but that's it. The rest of the song is again mid-tempo progressive. Like the last song is has a catchy refrain, which will stick for a while.
Personally I would have dropped the next song for this album. The song is called 'Picture On The Wall'. It's a ballad, but it gives no extra value to the album.
'Dice rolling': A great song. It has both influences of thrash and progressive. Actually everything is right about this song. The music, the vocals. The particular parts fit very well to each other.
The intro of 'Drowning' sounds like a intro of Linkin Park. But after a few seconds a heavy riff is taking charge. Just like 'Dice rolling' this song is mix of thrash and progressive. But this song is a little heavier.
'Blindfolded Walkthrough' has an acoustic beginning. After about 2 and a half minutes is getting a bit heavier. I must say this song isn't as good as the previous songs.
The 9th track 'See you down' is a great song. Like some other songs it has a great catchy refrain. This surely is one of the better songs on this album.There are no thrashy influences in this song, but I really think this song is great, although I'm more a fan of the thrashy parts.
The last song on this album 'Lonesome Existance' has again a nice mixture of heavy and progressive elements.
My conclusion: The members of Eldritch sure know how to play their instruments. This album sure doesn't sounds like it is written in a short time. I really like the high-tempo thrash-songs like 'Forbidden' and 'Slow Motion "k" Us'. But the vocals make it less perfect.
But on the progressive songs the vocals really fit perfectly. I would have dropped the intro-song and the ballad.
It's quite a nice album, but not top.

Eldritch - Portrait Of The Abyss Within
76/1001Details Limp Music Productions
Released on Monday May 8th, 2006
Power progressive metal

Writer @Arcane on Monday Jun 14th, 2004

Tags: #Eldritch
Tracklisting 1. Muddy Clepsidra 1:05
2. Forbidden 6:43
3. The World Apart 4:15
4. The Everlasting Mind Disease 4:30
5. Picture On The Wall 2:35
6. Dice Rolling 5:52
7. Drowning 3:51
8. Blindfolded Walkthrough 6:18
9. See You Down 5:06
10. Slow Motion \"K\" Us 4:08
11. Lonesome Existence 4:44

Total running time: 49:07
Line up Lisa Oliviero - Bass
Eugene Simone - Guitars
Terence Holler - Vocals
Rob \"Peck\" Proietti - Guitars
Dave Simeone - Drums