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Eldritch - Headquake
Is there something more beautiful than getting home and finding a package of new promo-albums on your doormat? No? I didn’t think so. Just recently, I reviewed the re-released debut album of Italian metallers Eldritch. It was generally well-received by the press, but like I said in my review, it missed some elements to be able to please the current generation of progpower fans. Two years after the first release of Seeds Of Rage, in 1997, Eldritch released their second full-length, entitled Headquake. Forget the critique from Seeds Of Rage and open your mind to Headquake!

Another eerie intro called ‘Blood From The Cradle' is the start of Headquake and it is followed by the amazing ‘Ghoulish Gift’. Where melodies were a bit woven into the complicated song structures on Seeds Of Rage, they are very clearly present on this second full-length. The basic influences like Queensrÿche, Annihilator and Fates Warning have been improved with some more melody, thrash and especially vocal aggression.

The distinctive elements that mark this album would be the extremely tight drums, along with a lot of electronic ‘fiddles ‘n diddles’ that make the sound seem warmer. Track 3, ‘The Last Embrace’ even has a riff in the intro that is a lot like the riffs Satyricon use often. And to make it even better: the Annihilator influences can be clearly heard on this record. Especially ‘Clockwork Bed’ and ‘Erase’ can be branded as songs influenced by this well-known American thrash band. Also, it needs to be said that Eldritch have found a great balance between clean and quiet parts – heavy and distorted parts (both instrumentally as vocally). I can’t name that many bands in this genre that have achieved the same.

Eldritch have proven themselves worthy of a spot in the angry music world with this second full-length (Even the bonus songs from the demos are of significantly better quality!). They’ve taken a major step forward from their debut, which makes me even more anxious to hear their next albums. I’ll be sure to check those out and I recommend you do, too!
Eldritch - Headquake
78/1001Details Limb Music Products
Released on Friday May 26th, 2006
Progressive Power Metal

Writer @Bastian Blackrain on Thursday Jun 8th, 2006

Tags: #Eldritch
Tracklisting 1. Blood From The Cradle (0:47)
2. Ghoulish Gift (6:04)
3. The Last Embrace (6:44)
4. Lord Of An Empty Place (5:31)
5. Sometimes In Winter (6:20)
6. At The Restless Sea (7:01)
7. Salome\'s Dance (5:28)
8. Erase (6:08)
9. The Quest(ion) (5:27)
10. Clockwork Bed (5:30)
11. Dawn Of The Dying (6:39)
12. Walking Alone (japan Bonus Track) (3:54)
13. Challenger (demo 1993) (3:35)
14. Public Opinion (demo 1993) (5:07)
15. Erase (rehearsal 2006) (4:58)
Line up Terence Holler - lead&backing vocals
Eugene Simone - guitar&backing vocals
Oleg Smirnoff - synthezisers, piano, FXs
Martin Kyhn - bass, backing vocals
Adriano Dal Canto - drums