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The Spirit That Guides Us - Don't Shoot, Let Us Burn
A couple of years ago, some friends of mine succeeded in seducing The Spirit That Guides Us to play a show in my humble hometown. Although I enjoyed their very energetic performance, I couldn’t get why most of my friends were so psyched about their music. Back then it didn’t do it for me, but that was like four years ago. In comparison with back then, not only my musical taste has changed, but also TSTGU went through some changes. Time to give this Dutch/German outfit a second change.
The first step was to unpack their special edition package they send to me and that was harder than it may seem. The special edition of Don’t Shoot, Let Us Burn contains a fully black jewel case with a white mourning-band on it, while it is covered in ash. After cleaning my hands and the disc I was finally ready to listen to their 12 new songs and what an amazing experience that was!
Since I’ve put this disc in my laptop I haven’t listened to something else. This concept album about the battle against evil without losing hope is very touching and made with a lot of passion. Instead of releasing an easier album, with even more pop influences than their precious album North And South, they have chosen to present themselves bigger, louder and more militant than ever.
In their music they combine hardcore-orientated riffs with emotional screams, but it also contains mid-tempo pieces, beautiful clean vocals and many spheric intro and outros. They succeeded with Don’t Shoot, Let Us Burn in finding the perfect balance between soft and heavy and aloof and exuberant. It’s too bad that the band members of TSTGU are also involved in many other bands and projects and that they therefore don't tour that much. The songs from Don’t Shoot, Let Us Burn will probably be even more impressive live than they are on CD, so check them out if you have the opportunity!
The Spirit That Guides Us - Don't Shoot, Let Us Burn
90/1001Details Sally Forth Records
Released on Monday Sep 15th, 2008

Writer @Gilles on Wednesday Nov 5th, 2008

Tags: #The Spirit That Guides Us
Tracklisting 01. Moth And Rust
02. We’re Killing Time
03. Blacksmith (Don’t Shoot, Let Him Burn)
04. Looking Back
05. Bail Us Out
06. Control
07. Reflections Of The Fall
08. The Island Of The Blessed
09. Irrigate My Ground
10. Reign On High
11. In A Blink Of An Eye
12. (silence)
13. 99
Line up “The band members are not as important as the collective product” – TSTGU