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The Spirit That Guides Us - We Are Under Reconstruction part.1
The first time I got the chance to meet this band was at a concert in the W2 at my hometown Den Bosch. The ‘second’ time was when I had the honor to join one of the record sessions of Face Tomorrow with Axel Kabboord (guitarist of The Spirit That Guides Us) as producer. In the end I still  didn’t had a good image of what TSTGU really was. So this is my chance…
This is not just an album. It’s a summary of the first five years of The Spirit That Guides Us. We Are Under Construction part 1 is, obviously, the first part. The second part will be a live DVD. We Are… contains 16 songs. Some of them are new but most of them are reinterpreted (remixed, live, or whole new versions). It’s not a best-of album because there’s no material from their earlier albums ‘The Sand, The Barrier’ and ‘North and South’ on it.
For those who are not yet familiar with this band, it is described as hardcore. Sure that you will find loads of different styles in it. It has got a melodic guideline in it even as it has an indie/punkrock sound in it. Of course those two things can be combined and have been combined before. What I just want to say is that it’s a bit hard to put this in genres.
‘Hopeful Forever’ together with ‘Amongst All Barren Heights are one of the heaviest songs on this record. You should listen to those two and then skip to ‘Real Life Motion Picture’ or ‘What If Oslo Really Failed’. Great that they can combine heavy and easy listening parts together. You know they even did a cover of Depeche Mode’s  ‘Enjoy The Silence’? They gave it their own sound by giving it a hardcore vibe.
I don’t have the previous records of TSTGU so I cannot say what exactly is different in the new versions of some songs. I can understand that fans are curious about the changes. On the other hand this record is a good introduction for those who haven’t heard of the band yet. A special thing here is that all 16 songs are recorded including the former members of the TSTGU.
One thing before I end this review…beware of the (awful) screams that is almost constantly heard. For the rest, enjoy.
The Spirit That Guides Us - We Are Under Reconstruction part.1
70/1001Details Sally Forth Records
Released on Friday Apr 21st, 2006

Writer @Maurits on Thursday May 11th, 2006

Tags: #The Spirit That Guides Us
Tracklisting 1. save the best for last (new song)
2. the tune (new song)
3. the vow to change (japanese bonus song)
4. hopeful forever (new version)
5. amongst all barren heights (new version)
6. deep and unanswered (new version)
7. 24 winters (remixed version)
8. agnes (live version)
9. real life motion picture (live version)
10. enjoy the silence (remixed version)
11. the intolerant truth (remixed version)
12. the spirit anthem (remixed version)
13. what if oslo really failed (remixed version)
14. the occult conspiracy (remixed version)
15. dead end disarmer (remixed version)
16. it\'s just how things end (new song)
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