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Guano Apes - Planet of the Apes

I remember a school trip, almost five years ago to London. We were very exited to visit this beautiful city but already hated the long trip that we had to drive by buss. Until the buss driver said he had a laptop with over 2000 songs on mp3 format. We could all choose some songs and put them into a play list. Shaydee and me, already friends, chose ‘Lords of the Boards’ and I remember us going crazy in a buss that was filled for only one third, slamming on the chairs and head banging.
Unfortunately, Guano Apes have split up, but left us a little surprise in the form of this DVD, containing seven ‘subjects’.

The movie:
This section contains a documentary, where all the band members are telling about the history of the band and the development and experiences throughout the year. I’m sure that for the big fans (like me) this is the section that adds a lot to the DVD, but most of the time it’s boring, and I must say that even the first time I watched it, I skipped the second half to move on to the live material.

Here, all the musicians talk about their own experience in the world of music and say a little word about their influence on the band and why they’ve chosen to play a certain instrument. In this case, just as in the movie, I don’t think that a lot of people found this very interesting, because all the members of the band are just sitting on a couch, answering questions very slowly and well thought off.  The spontaneous thing, which characterizes the band on stage, is totally gone.

Live at the Suddoeste:
Ok, this is a disillusion. It is so great to have a piece of work of one of my favorite bands, so that I can remember them and see them performing any time I want. But the sound, I don’t know who is responsible for this, but I’m sure it could have been better. No it should have been better.
It’s nice though that the show does not contain merely hits, to leave some space for other material, but I really miss the feeling that is so typically Guano Apes. The crowd is great and huge, of course, but perhaps some other show would be better to put on this DVD.

I’ll make it short in this section. Mainly new material and the fact that the song that was responsible for the breakthrough of the band, ‘Open your Eyes’, isn’t on this DVD in any single form says enough I think.

Making of….:
In this section you see how three of the video clips were recorded. Always nice to see, but I think that when you see it on MTV, you would just check it out for five minutes and then continue to watch something else.
The band explains what is going to happen and you see the members in two kinds of ways, the one where they’re actually recording and the personal kind that talks, makes jokes and waits.

This section contains some previously unreleased tracks, demos, combined with pictures from fans, pictures where the band is signing, band tickets, posters. As for the most of the material on the DVD, it is nice to see for a little while, but I can’t imagine that someone doesn’t skip this part.

Multimedia Part:
In this section, the Greek!! MTV channel presents some facts and news from the band. A few interviews are included where the subtitles are a necessary ingredient.

The quality of the DVD is quite ok. That is, for the visual part. Most of the sound is bad, especially for the live show.
I have lots of doubts on what this DVD adds to the fans that have collected their material throughout the years. For me, as a fan, it adds very little and I would only turn this disk on when I want to get an impression what it was like when they were together.

1. The Movie
2. Me&Me
3. Live at Sudoeste
4. Clips
5. Making of…
6. Fanbase
7. Multimedia part

Sandra Nasic:   Vocals
Henning Rumenapp:  Guitar
Stefan Ude:   Bass
Dennis Poschwatta:  Drums

Guano Apes - Planet of the Apes
45/1001Details Gun Records
Released on Thursday Jan 1st, 1970

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday May 12th, 2005

Tags: #Guano Apes
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