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Kittie - Until The End
[i]Until The End[/i] is Kittie's third full-lenght offering, after [i]Spit[/i] and [i]Oracle[/i]. The Canadian band has seen some line-up changes the past few years, with original members Fallon Bowman and Talena Atfield leaving the band. In 2002 bassplayer Jennifer J. Arroyo joined the band, and this year the band is an offical 4 piece again thanks due the arrival of guitarplayer Lisa Marx.

Opener "Looks So Pretty" is one of the heavier songs on the album, and it pretty much sets the style regarding the other songs. Slighty mid-tempo heavy riffs, and some good breakdowns here and there. It somehow reminds me of Hatebreed and similiar bands, in a good way. "Career Suicide" has the typical "angry vocals mixed with melodic choruses" going on. I do have to say that Morgan Lander has become a much better vocalist the past few years, succesfully switching between screams and clean singing.

Two of the better tracks are "Until The End" and "Into The Darkness", two songs which show that the band is very much able to write songs that have a good melodic hook without sounding to corny or radiofriendly. I do have to say that the feeling "similarity" shows its head for the final three songs. "Burning Bridges" and "Daughters Drown" are definitly some of the heavier songs on the disc, but if one of the earlier songs would be moved to the last part of the cd it would be a more enjoyable ride.

I consider [i]Until The End[/i] to be a better offering then the band's previous album, [i]Oracle[/i]. The band finally seems to have found a sound of their own, and a way to put it into songs. It will not win any awards regarding orginality, but its a disc with good songs and some catchy moments. Kittie fans will probably love it, Kittie haters should at least give it a try.


01. Look So Pretty
02. Career Suicide
03. Until the End
04. Red Flag
05. Pussy Sugar
06. In Dreams
07. Into The Darkness
08. Burning Bridger
09. Loveless
10. Daughters Down
11. Into the Darkness(vocal remix)


Morgan Lander - Guitar/Vocals
Jennifer J. Arroyo - Bass
Mercedes Lander - Drums
Lisa Marx - Guitar
Kittie - Until The End
70/1001Details Artemis
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Monday Jul 5th, 2004

Tags: #Kittie
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