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Kittie - In The Black
The first time I witnessed Kittie was during the Dynamo festival in the year 2000. They had released their first album Spit in 1999 and because they were the only all female metalband at that time they gained a lot of publicity in the male dominated metal world. Back then wasn’t very impressed by their performance. Although I have to say I did watch their entire show for the same reasons as every other man at that time. Well almost ten years and several bandmembers later Kittie is still around and have released there fifth full-length album called In The Black
Over the years I quite lost track of these ladies, but listening to the first couple of songs made me realise it could be interesting to search for the previous albums. The no nonsense approach of the songs works quite well in a time that is almost dominated by bands with keyboards and programmed sounds. The combination of grooving riffs combined with powerful drums is great. Especially since the production and mastering has done a good job. None of the instruments overpower the other and even the clean vocals manage to get through at an acceptable volume.
Also the combination of both brutal vocal parts and clean parts adds a lot of variety to the album. Especially since a melodic female voice sounds way more cute than a male clean voice. This cute girly voice stands out against the brutal background music which gives a great contrast.
Maybe they won’t get a prize for being the fastest, the most original or the best band I don’t care. Kittie delivered an entertaining album to scare of your parents in law when they come to visit you. I can say that the Kittie is now a full grown p…. Well you know what I mean.
Kittie - In The Black
78/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Wednesday Sep 9th, 2015
Metal / Thrash Metal

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Nov 17th, 2009

Tags: #Kittie
Tracklisting 01. Kingdome Come
02. My Plague
03. Cut Throat
04. Die My Darling
05. Sorrow I Know
06. Forgive and Forget
07. Now or Never
08. Falling Down
09. Sleepwalking
10. Whiskey Love Song
11. Ready Aim Riot
12. The Truth
Line up Morgan Lander - guitar, vocals
Tara McLeod - guitar
Trish Doan - bass
Mercedes Lander - drums