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Rammstein - Völkerball
Rammstein, who doesn’t know this Industrial Metal band from Germany? You gotta like it, but for some reason lots of people do. Even though they’re singing 99% of all their songs in German. Now they’ve released a new DVD, not just one DVD, they released it in three versions. There’s a standard edition, including one DVD and one live CD. Then there’s a special edition (which I’m about to review), which includes 2 DVD’s and one live CD. And for the real diehard fans there’s the limited edition, which consists of a 190 page tour photo book, all the special edition content and an additional live audio CD.
This disc contains only live footage from several concerts the band has played around the world. The main part contains material from their show in France at Les Arenes De Nimes and as soon as I saw this part of the dvd I knew I am one lucky bastard I saw the same show at the Fields of Rock festival back in 2005. What a show! I think it won’t be necessary to explain that Rammstein is able to do lots of things with pyrotechnics of which you could not even imagine to see it on stage. Again: what a show! Of course it’s about the music in the first place but there really isn’t much to complain about that either. I think the footage on this disc gives a great view on the bands capabilities of putting up an impressive show full of quality. Therefore, I can only recommend everybody who likes Rammstein to go see this stuff. If you haven’t seen these guys live yet, do so if you get the chance! Besides some very small minors the sound is freakin’ awesome and so is the show. Three words: CHECK IT OUT!!!
On the forehand I really hoped for a good documentary that showed the world how Rammstein would be behind the scenes. Mainly because they really seem to put up an act on stage I would have loved to see these guys go wild in their dressing room and drink their asses off. Well too bad, it ain’t that! What we do get though is everyone’s personal view on certain things. The documentary starts with a really funny anecdote from a couple of years ago. For the rest people are telling about traveling, the different countries they play, all kinds of things. Of course you’ll also find out why the documentary is called ‘Anakonda im Netz’. I gotta admit it; I didn’t expect it! You might dislike it but I’m not gonna tell you anything about the real content of it ‘cause it would spoil the fun. One thing that really surprised though: for a big Rammstein show there are around 100(!!!) people working to get everything done. Incredible!
Besides ‘Anakonda im Netz’, there’s also a ‘making of’ on the dvd. It’s about the recording sessions for Reise, Reise which is also nice to see. Though, these guys seem to be quite serious in real life ‘cause it’s not like getting wasted and record your stuff while suffering from a huge hangover. Still, it’s a nice bonus dvd. 
All the songs on this disc were recorded during the show at Les Arenes De Nimes in France. Absolutely a good decision ‘cause on the live dvd that show is by far the most incredible footage. I could tell you how good this live cd is but I think that won’t be really necessary. It’s just a great extra besides the already amazing dvd. Just look at it as a ‘best-of’ album. The sound is great and all the songs are great. What else do you want?!
To draw a short conclusion: if you like Rammstein you gotta check this shit out! Definitely worth your money or at least some of your spare time. Jawohl: Rammstein über allesch!
Rammstein - Völkerball
90/1001Details Universal Music
Released on Thursday Jan 1st, 1970
Industrial Metal

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Jan 3rd, 2007

Tags: #Rammstein
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