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Toxik - Dynamo Open Air 1988

The Dynamo Open Air festival has become legendary in the metal world. Not just for the many classic performances but also with the amateur character of the organisation. Expedition Robinson before the show was even invented. What do you mean you ran out of beer? It is only 7 o’clock in the evening? What do you mean no more food? Must we go out and hunt for it? Ah yes, those were the days…right. The performances were unforgettable and now a lot of them have finally become available on DVD. Like thrash legends Toxik performing there in 1988 as one of the first bands in the genre of real complex riffing. You can call  them the pioneers of what people today call mathcore.

The material is over 20 years old, and it shows. But it adds to the flavour, it gives an extra vintage feel. After all, Toxik was formed around 1985, which is practically the stone age of complex played metal. With the first line-up of Mike Sanders, Josh Christian, Lee Erwin, and Sal Dadabo all members contributed material for the 1986 Wasteland demo. Before the recording took place, bass player Erwin was replaced by Brian Bonini on bass. After three years and yet again a line-up change, the band, comprised of Sanders, Christian and new drummer Tad Leger, recorded World Circus and signed with Roadrunner Records. This led them to a world tour which also took them to Holland. At that time anybody who was somebody in the metal community played on the Dynamo Festival.
Back in those days live videos were rare, only the biggest bands could afford them. Small bands almost never recorded live albums, let alone film them. Many of those Dynamo gigs were immortalized by TV cameras. They must have had the gift of foresight, because now even the smallest bands release DVDs.
Breaking up in 1992 after just two albums, Toxik made a lasting impression with their fast guitar-based thrash metal. The 2007 reissues by Displeased Records came with loads of exclusive bonus material raised the awareness of the band big time. It is admirable how much care and work has gone into those releases. This DVD makes it complete. Even though it isn’t spectacularly filmed it is worthwhile to watch. It also features footage of a gig at the Dynamo Club filmed two days earlier. Visually nothing special, but still interesting to watch.
The limited edition includes an audio CD of the Dynamo Open Air gig.
Toxik - Dynamo Open Air 1988
80/1001Details Displeased Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Thrash Metal

Writer @Angel on Monday Feb 11th, 2008

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