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Dustsucker - Apocalypse Of One
This disc was put in my hands by my girlfriend, with the question if I could give it a review. It is actually a CD of her guitar teacher with his one-man project/band called Dustsucker. He started this solo-project in 2004. In that time he released three DIY releases. This new full length album is his third attempt to create some disturbing noises for mankind. He surely succeeded in that!
Dustsucker is created by Jos Driessen, a creative musician out of the southern parts of Holland. This is his debut full length album called Apocalypse Of One. I have to say I’m really impressed about the professionalism of this release. He took creative control over the artwork (perhaps a bit influenced by the artwork of John Baizley of Baroness), the recordings and playing/programming all of the instruments. The result is pretty mind-blowing!
The first time I heard the music, I thought it was a decent and inventive chaotic math/metalcore album. Nothing really special, but played very well. In time, this record grew on me and I discovered the rough diamond beneath the layers of dust.
It combines the fast-paced chaotic ingenuity of bands like Converge and Pig Destroyer, with the relentless groove of a band like Mastodon into a piece of solid concrete. Even though the drums and bass-guitar are programmed, the sound is full and warm. Of course the programmed drums give the whole sound a bit of an Agoraphobic Nosebleed feel to it.

This album contains nine songs. The first eight songs are just fast, frantic, straight-up chaotic math/metalcore songs, but the last song called ‘Revelation’, is built up in two parts. This song alone, is worth buying the album! It starts off in a chunky Converge riff to be carried on in a massive, rocking riff, but when the second part of this song kicks in, it’s really getting interesting! All of a sudden he pulls out a gigantic, mammoth sludge/doom-riff, which gives me the shivers down my spine. This song has everything I want to hear in extreme music; complexity, groove, extremity, sludge and just top of the bill musician-ship. Awesome, brilliant song!
This album is in fact a concept-album in the “I-person”, which deals about a person that is falling in love with a woman. This slowly turns into a sickening obsession. At a certain point there is a relationship, but the woman turns out to be a twisted femme-fatal that is messing up his mind. After the break-up, the I-person lacks all energy for life. Just to be left alone with the memory of how he thought she would be.
I’m very curious how Jos will develop himself as a musician. Can’t wait to hear some more of him! Everyone who is into sludgy/groovy, math/metalcore and likes bands like Converge, Pig Destroyer, Mastodon and the likes, should support this local band by buying a copy of this album. It surely blew me away!
Dustsucker - Apocalypse Of One
91/1001Details Self Released
Released on Wednesday Oct 1st, 2008

Writer @RoyBalowski on Wednesday Dec 3rd, 2008

Tags: #Dustsucker
Tracklisting 01. Obfuscation
02. Infetuation
03. Prevarication (Perjury)
04. Aquisition
05. Delusion
06. Decomposition (Sexual Cannibalism)
07. Omission
08. Asphyxiation
09. Revelation part.1: Apocalypse Of One
part.2: Grey Skies
Line up Jos Driessen - programmings, guitar, vocals