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Dustsucker - Rock 'n' Roll Sniper
When I think of Rock 'n' Roll, I think of [b]Elvis Presley[/b], [b]Chuck Berry[/b] and my dad, who's a dedicated [b]Elvis[/b]fan. I'd never associate dad with [b]Dustsucker[/b], however. You know why?

The pleasantly contagious Punk 'n' Roll these Germans play sounds raw, fast and thrashing. That the genre kept on evolving since the early sixties is what Dustsucker fed on. Their mix of Punkrock, Rock'n'Roll and the raw sound of a Heavy Metal singer (Lemmy Kilminster?) is quite refreshing.

The titletrack is a worthy start of the record. Even after listening to the entire cd, the words 'Rock 'n' Roll - I'm a sniper' still race through my head. The songs are mostly of Punkrock - speed, though there are some slower songs on [i]Rock 'n' Roll Sniper[/i] like '[i]Damned Boys[/i]', which is entirely acoustic. The only thing that could really annoy me were the contstant high-pitched leadguitars in most of the songs.

This is what Rock 'n' Roll is all about. This is music to play in your car. The bandname has to be changed, though. Because these rockers definitely don't suck dust!

[b]Absolute favourite song:[/b] Rock 'n' Roll Sniper
Dustsucker - Rock 'n' Roll Sniper
76/1001Details Go Nuts Music
Released on Friday Oct 13th, 2006
Punk 'n' Roll

Writer @Bastian Blackrain on Monday Oct 25th, 2004

Tags: #Dustsucker
Tracklisting 01. Rock 'n' Roll Sniper
02. Bronco Buster
03. Word Of The Damned
04. Backslider
05. Long Drawn Out
06. The Pusher
07. Live To Be Burnt
08. Damned Boys
09. Never Turn Your Back
10. King Size
11. Twist My Head
12. Bootleggin'
Line up Max Count Farmer - Vocals, Guitar
Andy Rasch - Guitar
Lammy - Bass
Marco Piermattei - Drums