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Al Jourgensen - The Wicked Lake Soundtrack By Al Jourgensen
Well what does ol’ Al Jourgensen (Ministry and the lot) do when he’s retired from his main musical project? He poops out a bunch of remix records and stuff like that, like this soundtrack he scored for the movie Wicked Lake. Sounds awesome.
The movie Wicked Lake has a score of 3.2 at IMDB and the general advise generated there is DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE UNLESS YOU’RE CAST OR CREW!!! Nuff said, I suppose. The story revolves around some sort of lesbian vampire orgy with blood and gore all over the place, enough for me to feel like checking it out I have to say. I will report back here once I’ve seen it.
Lately I’ve been getting the feeling that commerce has gotten the best of Al Jourgensen in the end. The remix and compilation albums are thrown in the market like poop into a toilet, and this is just another example basically. All of the tracks are available elsewhere except for one Ministry and one Revolting Cocks song. 13th Planet Records has joined forces with Nuclear Blast though, for there are songs of Meshuggah and Threat Signal to be found on The Wicked Soundtrack as well. Other bands that contributed are Ascension Of The Watchers, False Icons, Prong, Hemlock, Ministry & Co-Conspirators and Laika & The Cosmonauts.
Overall I don’t have the feeling this is worth spending your money on. If you really dig this kind of industrial music you already have most of the tracks anyway. If not, this might be a nice way to get acquainted though. You decide.
Al Jourgensen - The Wicked Lake Soundtrack By Al Jourgensen
No ScoreDetails 13th Planet Records
Released on Monday Nov 24th, 2008
Industrial Dance/Rock/Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Dec 8th, 2008

Tags: #Al Jourgensen
Tracklisting 1. Ascension Of The Watchers - Evading
2. Ascension Of The Watchers - Residual Presence
3. Laike & The Cosmonauts - Experiment In Terror
4. Revolting Cocks - 10 Million Ways To Die
5. Revolting Cocks - Hookerbot3000
6. Ministry & Co-Conspirators - Bang A Gong
7. Ministry & Co-Conspirators - Radar Love
8. False Icons - Decay
9. Ministry - Cuz U R Next
10. Prong - Can t Stop the Bleeding
11. Prong - No Justice
12. Hemlock - Nobody Knows What A Killer Looks Like
13. Meshuggah - Combustion
14. Threat Signal - As I Destruct
15. Ministry - Khyber Pass
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