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Nickelback - Dark Horse
With millions of CDs, singles and even millions of ringtones sold worldwide via internet and the traditional CD-stores, Nickelback is a band where probably everybody has heard of at least once in his or her life. With last month’s release Dark Horse, they put their sixth full-length on the market already. Their last album, All The Right Reasons, raised the bar (commercially) very high though.
In general, people just love or hate Nickelback. There seems to be no vision in between and Dark Horse will definitely not be the cause of major changes. The band still holds the same formula as the one they used on their previous record and they still sound the same. As for that formula: every song could be the possible next single. They released seven (!) of the eleven songs from the All The Right Reasons album as a single and that’s also possible again with this record. From the heavier rock songs to the typical Nickelback-ballads, it all sounds commercial as hell.
They will probably sell millions of copies of this album, receive many platinum albums for it and become even bigger than they are already, but they haven’t done anything different at all, except for the lyrics that is. When people sum up bands that are still active, but aren’t changing anything with the release of a new record, they should, besides Iron Maiden, Metallica and AC/DC, also mention Nickelback. For example, with Dark Horse the band has worked for the first time since Silver Side Up with an outside producer again, but as far as I hear there’s nothing changed by this approach at all. Robert John Lange is familiar for his work on big records such as AC/DC’s Back In Black, but they better could have spend that money on something else. Last point of criticism: the lyrics. The lyrics are about sex, drugs and alcohol and the last thing I want to imagine is Chad Kroeger drunk or stoned in combination with (talking about) sex!

Conclusion: same shit, different album title. Approved for fans only and therefore there’s no necessity for me to give this record a score.
Nickelback - Dark Horse
No ScoreDetails Roadrunner Records
Released on Monday Nov 17th, 2008

Writer @Gilles on Tuesday Dec 16th, 2008

Tags: #Nickelback
Tracklisting 01. Something In Your Mouth
02. Burn It To The Ground
03. Gotta Be Somebody
04. I’d Come For You
05. Next Go Round
06. Just To Get High
07. Never Gonna Be Alone
08. Shakin’ Hands
09. S.E.X.
10. If Today Was Your Last Day
11. This Afternoon
Line up Chad Kroeger – Vocals, guitars
Mike Kroeger – Bass
Ryan Peake – Guitar, vocals
Daniel Adair – Drums, vocals