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Nickelback - All The Right Reasons
After their last album The Long Road which I didn’t like that much, the band is back with their brand new studio album with quite a few great surprises in the bio. Nickelback is presenting us their album ‘All The Right Reasons’ with on the album a song with a Dimebag Darrel solo. And they have NOT stolen this solo;
Well, the album starts with another song written for our dear friend Dimebag. The song Follow You Home starts with a refreshing double bass pattern but then it is back to the same old Nickelback. Their pop oriented grunge rock still has not changed and that is something you never have to expect because it does work.
The first thing that really gives the album a refreshing touch are the drums; after kicking out their previous drummer Ryan Vikedal on a rude way Daniel Adair joined the band. He was the temporarily drummer for 3 Doors Down and when I saw him at that show a long time ago he presented us an awesome solo back then.
For the rest of the album the band still uses the same elements on the album. The fast singing in Fight For All The Wrong Reasons and the song Savin’ Me really reminds me of the previous albums with the same combination of tracks and music. The band mixes some rougher rock songs with sweet polished hit singles. And of course the MTV audience never gets to see the rougher material. Luckily enough there has gone a refreshing wind through the sound after their member change because you do find new things on this album like the guitar parts in Someone That You’re With.
And then there is the song Side Of A Bullet; and believe me this is the coolest Nickelback song ever. The band managed to create a magnificent song to remember Dimebag Darrel. The lyrics are about the shouting and the solo in the song is a true Dimebag recording and it rocks like hell! Dimebag Darrel and Chad Kroeger were going to work together on this album; after the shooting, Dimebag’s family gave this solo to Nickelback and asked them to do something on the new album in honor of Dimebag Darrel. That resulted in this song and it gives me the shivers.
Overall you can hear Nickelback has done a good job once again. They still use their magic formula and created the hit single Photograph. But on the other hand they still got some stronger material for their energetic live performance! And for their live performance I am going to the show; they're enjoying their show and that is why they are spending so much money on their show; this is worth seeing it!
Nickelback - All The Right Reasons
70/1001Details Roadrunner Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 4th, 2005

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Wednesday Oct 5th, 2005

Tags: #Nickelback
Tracklisting 1. Follow You Home (4:20)
2. Fight For All The Wrong Reasons (3:44)
3. Photograph (4:19)
4. Animals (3:07)
5. Savin\' Me (3:39)
6. Far Away (3:58)
7. Next Contestant (3:35)
8. Side Of A Bullet (3:00)
9. If Everyone Cared (3:38)
10. Someone That You\'re With (4:02)
11. Rockstar (4:18)
12. Someday (live - Acoustic) (3:23)
Line up Chad Kroeger - Vocals / Guitar
Ryan Peake - Guitar / Vocals
Mike Kroeger - Bass
Daniel Adair - Drums