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Blind Myself - Worst Case Scenario

Thanks to Superbutt, Metalrage was able to go to Sziget and receive press tickets. To thank these guys we had a drink with the band on Friday August the 5th. When we met the band, the lead singer of the band Blind Myself was also present. I was talking for quite a while with him and he told me that he was playing in a venue in Budapest after the festival. Because we were staying two days longer we were able to go there. After the show I walked towards him and after a short conversation he gave me their new CD. After seeing a couple of songs live I was curious and when we got into the car we listened it.

If you listen to the CD you can notice that the band is influenced by bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan and Refused. I’m impressed by the great quality of the CD and production. Songs like March of Clowns or title track Worst-Case Scenario are songs that I really like. The quick and frequent tempo changes and great use of instruments make the music very complex.

After listening the album again and again I can find some flaws but I can’t find a song I don’t like. All twelve songs make a great impression on me and every song has got his own sound and twist. Even the lyrics fit in every song.

To make it outside of Hungary they have to adjust their sound and give it an own twist. But lead singer Gergely told me that they wanted to do this. Fans of Dillinger Escape Plan really should check this album. The quality is just awesome and the music is great to listen to.

Blind Myself - Worst Case Scenario
85/1001Details Edge Records
Released on Friday Sep 2nd, 2005

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Friday Sep 2nd, 2005

Tags: #Blind Myself
Tracklisting 1. One Day (3:08)
2. Worst-case Scenario (4:43)
3. Left Hand Paints (3:24)
4. Wise-men Of The West (3:20)
5. Maerd (1:07)
6. March Of Clowns (3:39)
7. Labyrinth (4:14)
8. Bullets (5:12)
9. Budapest (1:42)
10. The Chase (2:27)
11. Phantoms Of The Past (8:09)
12. Small Charactars (5:58)
Line up Gergely Toth - Vocals
Peter Kolozsi - Bass, vocals
Tibor Szalkai - Guitar, vocals
Daniel Ivanfi - Drums