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Blind Myself - Ancient Scream Therapy
Blind Myself is one of those eastern-European bands have been around the world but haven't been in your favorite magazine or on your favorite website. This band from Budapest (Hungary) plays the kind of hardcore/metal that can be associated with bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Refused, Converge and also a good dose of metal.

For their fourth album, Ancient Scream Therapy, the band is continuing their progressive mix of hardcore and definitely taking a step forward regarding their songwriting. The band doesn't rely on over-technical music but writes clever songs with a lot of dynamics and transitions that keep you listening. Next to that, tracks like "Wax" feature an actual choir, while Ignite's Zoli is a guest on "Lost in Time". 

Next to the more complex tracks like "The Buried Alive Exercise", the band doesn't shy away from more melodic orientated songs like "Illegal Society", having an almost Ignite-escue sound, except of course for Greg's excellent screams. Besides that, the rest of the band manages to keep things original sounding; a lot of "technical bands" tend to fall back on the same rhythmic tricks.

With this album Blind Myself truly delivers a record that, next to being quality modern hardcore, also has enough creativity in it that proofs that this kind of music can be a medium that is open for more experimental ideas. The band's good songwriting (and being good musicans) combined with interesting collaborations resulted into a record worth checking out for every decent metal and hardcore fan.
Blind Myself - Ancient Scream Therapy
87/1001Details Tiefdruck
Released on Friday Mar 30th, 2007
Experimental Hardcore

Writer @Carn on Sunday Jan 21st, 2007

Tags: #Blind Myself
Tracklisting 1. Wax
2. Lost In Time
3. Go Get A Life!
4. Ancient Scream Therapy
5. The Agony Of My Nice Side
6. Judgement 2021
7. The Buried Alive Exercise
8. Illegal Society
9. S�lyomszemmel
10. When One Day Ends
Line up Gergely Toth – vocals
Tibor Szalkai – guitar/backing vox
Peter Bodnar – bass/backing vox
Laszlo Szabo – drums