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Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Extinction | Salvation
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace, sounds like the world we live in today to me! Extinction | Salvation seem like the two options mankind has left. You guessed it, we’re dealing with some political/philosophical traditional grindcore! From the Blue Mountains in Australia nonetheless.
The sound of Beyond Terror Beyond Grace immediately reminds one of the traditional grindcore bands like Napalm Death, which means crust/punk grindcore with an attitude. The band doesn’t shun to put in some hints of death metal here and there either, although the overall sound is very much grindcore.
The thing I love about this record is that the total recording time for these nineteen tracks is five hours. It’s a complete take with no editing or digital manipulation. They state that they intended to capture the intense and raw qualities of a live atmosphere. Well guys, you succeeded. Quite splendidly. Cause if this record has one strong asset it must be the sheer ferocity and intensity which is smacked in your face song after song.
Fans of intense grindcore that leans more towards the traditional side of the style will certainly please themselves by checking out Beyond Terror Beyond Grace. Think of bands like Napalm Death, Nasum and Rotten Sound and you get the picture.
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Extinction | Salvation
72/1001Details Grindhead Records
Released on Sunday Oct 28th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Jan 10th, 2009

Tags: #Beyond Terror Beyond Grace
Tracklisting 01. 002618
02. Fading Light
03. Smiling In The Face Of Despair
04. Reinvention Ghost
05. Recycled Carnage
06. Shards
07. Ultimatum
08. Surveillance
09. Defeated
10. Erosion
11. Divinity Collapse
12. Democracy
13. Machine
14. Born And Raised
15. Unattainable
16. Empty
17. Apathy & Acceptance
18. Gaze of Finality
19. 022617
Line up Bart - vocals
Alex - bass
Steve - drums
Ben Terror - guitar