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Vinterriket - Zeit-Los:Laut-Los
This man has a lot of releases on his name. Of course, among those releases you will find a lot of splits and compilation albums, but that doesn’t make the amount less impressive. Christopher Ziegler, the drive behind German ambient project Vinterriket, seems to never run out of inspiration considering right here, I’ll review a one song album that’s not even his last release in the present: Zeit-Los:Laut-Los.

The difficulty of ambient, and this album in particular, is to describe what the music is like. This is mostly caused by the fact that it’s just one song with not that much variation, but nevertheless plenty of atmosphere. I can imagine some people bore their brains out by an album like Zeit-Los:Laut-Los but to others, like myself, it works hypnotic. It’s the ultimate experience of escapism to turn away from this world and wander off to other realities; frozen realities to be precise. Christopher knows how to handle his synthesiser in order to create an epic track which conveys strong feelings of isolation. Taking the cover of this album into account you can use Vinterriket as an excuse to close your eyes and trail your own footsteps into an unfamiliar landscape.

Vinterriket - Zeit-Los:Laut-Los
80/1001Details Solitude Productions
Released on Thursday Feb 26th, 2009

Writer @Kaar on Thursday Feb 26th, 2009

Tags: #Vinterriket
Tracklisting 1. Zeit-Los:Laut-Los
Line up Christopher Ziegler - All instruments, vocals