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Violent Devoties - Within The Great And The Venom
In 2005 I reviewed Violent Devoties’ second full length record Entwined By Vengeance. This year they return with a new EP entitled Within The Great And The Venom. Who is up for some brutal Austrian death metal!?
The five tracks featured on this EP offer your basic everyday death metal that you’ve heard many times before. As with their previous disc (which for some reason I scored a 7, what was I, drunk?), the main problem lies with the mix. All the tracks are out of balance, there is always some instrument crammed in the back or way too much up front. This takes away too much power from the music to make it a convincing record to listen to. Bummer.
I don’t really see any reason to spend money on this record. You’ve heard it all before and most likely you’ve heard it done, or at least mixed, better than this. Violent Devoties is certainly not the next big thing in death metal and I don’t think they will be any time soon either.
Violent Devoties - Within The Great And The Venom
50/1001Details Self Released
Released on Friday Dec 5th, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Mar 19th, 2009

Tags: #Violent Devoties
Tracklisting 1. The Fall of the Holy Trinty
2. Inhaling Death
3. Sea of Souls
4. What Would Judas Do?
5. Dominate a Zombie State
Line up Gerald Valentin - Guitar, Vocals
Manuel Rainer - Drums
Gerd Kollmann - Guitar
Alexander �Duffy� Krammer - Bass
Georg Axmann - Vocals