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Violent Devoties - Entwined By Vengeance
Somebody once told me that biography’s that have start-up stories, all the member changes, descriptions of demo recordings and more uninteresting information are crap! Well, this band is a perfect example of that. Fear not, it doesn’t give me a prejudice mind while reviewing the album. It just bores me to tears.
Contrary to some of the music, which consists of medium and high tempo deathgrind with some nice grooves in it, the first thing you notice when listening to this album is that they have a monstrous drummer. He really makes even the most boring guitar parts interesting, and believe me there are a lot of those. Could be that its entirely personal, but I’m not that much into chord riffing death metal music. I need the fiddling up and down that guitar neck to keep my attention. Luckily there are quite some grooving, almost metalcore like heavy break downs on the album that save the day. But in the end, the chord riffing spoils to much for me to be really interested in this band.
The vocals are done by one of the guitarists and are very comfortable to listen to. Not too heavy, not too light, and certainly nothing extraordinaire. He also produces a nice high scream to add a healthy dose of variation to the music.
The production is something that makes me wonder. Perhaps that is the fact that a lot of the guitars sound like chord riffs (they tend to get a little black metal too), but the drums are mixed almost as the face of the band. I have more problems following the guitars than I have with the drums, while usually it’s the other way round.
To conclude this, I think that after giving this a whole lot more spins you’ll be able to see through the weird mix and discover an easy listening death metal band of high potential. Yes they exist! But to say that there are riffs that will stick in your head, I can almost certainly say that will not happen.
Violent Devoties - Entwined By Vengeance
70/1001Details Resound Grind Records
Released on Tuesday Aug 30th, 2005
Death metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Mar 23rd, 2006

Tags: #Violent Devoties
Tracklisting 1. Scarlet Horrors
2. Paradise Masacre
3. Goddamn Jesus
4. Cemetary Slut
5. Hunger For Angels
6. The Dark Art Of Slave Trade
7. Harmonic Devilish Insane
8. Sick Sex Seconds
9. Entwined By Vengeance
Line up Gerald Valentin – guitar, vocals
Manuel Rainer – drums
Phillip Kulterer – guitar
Gerd Kollmann – bass