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Enablers - Tundra
Enablers started out as a joint spoken word/musical project. It started out as a duo, but it turned into a real band very quickly. They released two albums on the famous Neurot Records. This is their third release and the very first on German label Exile On Mainstream Records. It is being released in a limited edition, that’s been packed in a handmade / silkscreened wooden box. 

I wasn’t very familiar with the fact there was some kind of scene for spoken word artists/acts/bands. I didn’t know what to think of this release either, but it surprised me in a very pleasant way. It took some time to fully understand what they were trying to do, but when you get the picture it's pretty good stuff.

Some of the band members have a past in legendary bands like The Swans or are session musicians for artists like Scott Kelly of Neurosis. Those bands give away some of the resemblances. It’s kind of hard to describe the music though. It’s like an American politician or for the matter, Henry Rollins; that is telling a story or poetry with a very soothing voice with loads of emotions. In the background you hear improvised acoustic rock music. It is easy listening music, with the occasional heavy outburst. Especially their flirtations with heavy sounds and improvised soundscapes give this album the necessary dynamic and diversity it needs.

Musically Enablers reminds of bands like Woven Hand or the Dutch band Stuurboord Bakkebaard, mixed with bits of bands like Minsk or Neurosis but in a rocky way. Especially in the fifth song ‘Februaries’, the diversity between acoustic music and poetry with the build-ups to heavy outbursts, works brilliantly! It’s hard to pinpoint this band, but that is in fact the power of this band, because it totally stands on its own. Their singer definitely sounds like Henry Rollins or Eugene from Woven Hand who is reading poetry. Awesome! Oh, and they do their version of Nina Simone's 'Four Women' as well.

If you are willing to broaden your horizons, and are not afraid of an experiment, than this is a record you should give a chance. I personally thought it was a refreshing experience, which made me curious how it will evolve in the future.
Enablers - Tundra
79/1001Details Exile On Mainstream Records
Released on Friday Feb 20th, 2009
Post Rock / Acoustic spoken word Rock

Writer @RoyBalowski on Saturday Mar 21st, 2009

Tags: #Enablers
Tracklisting 01. A Blues
02. The Destruction Most Of All
03. Carriage
04. New Moon
05. Februaries
06. Tundra
07. The Achievement
08. Kosovo
09. Bells
10. Four Women
Line up Pete Simonelli - words
Kevin Thomson - guitar
Joe Goldring - guitar
Joe Byrnes - drums
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