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Throw The Fight - In Pursuit Of Tomorrow
Hailing from Minneapolis, Throw The Fight brings us their first claim to fame called In Pursuit Of Tomorrow...aren't we all? So what do we have so far;

- Not really tough band name
- Pretty cool album name
- Nice front cover

Now let's get to the music shall we?

Opening their debut album, Throw The Fight immediately lets you know what their about. Hard riffs, good drums and good emo-like vocals. Too bad the shouting done by the singer isn't that convincing. He misses quite some power to pull this off. The first 3 or 4 songs on this album are pretty similar, which makes your attention go down the drain . Now that is a crying shame, because the album starts getting pretty damn good starting at song nr. 5 'The Wreckage'. Maybe that's why they put an intro before that part? Besides all this, the overall sound is similar to a lot of other bands, from whom the music remains in your mind, but that bandname....well the bandname just doesn't, because it's all a bit similar to a lot of other bands that....Well you know where I'm going!

The music itself is pretty good, but the fact of the matter remains that the first part of the album, the part that should grab you by the balls (whether those are between your legs or on your chest), is of a lesser quality than the finish. This is a debut album, so maybe a little patience was in order, but let's give these fine gents the benefit of the doubt for now.
Throw The Fight - In Pursuit Of Tomorrow
68/1001Details Cordless Recordings
Released on Monday Jan 12th, 2009

Writer @LondonCustoms on Thursday Apr 16th, 2009

Tags: #Throw The Fight
Tracklisting 1. Ready For War
2. Weakest Hour
3. His Blood, My Hands
4. The Wreckage Intro
5. The Wreckage
6. Stop Yourself
7. Delete Me
8. Into The Fire
9. It\'s For You
10.Vital Signs
Line up James Clark � Lead Vocals
Ryan Baustert � Guitar/Vocals
Joey Ulrich � Guitar/Vocals
Aaron Huppert � Bass
Cory Huppert - Drums