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Deceiver - Thrashing heavy Metal
'Strategically reunited for a new album...' says the bio. What the fuck is a strategic reunion? Is that a reunion ordered by general Patreaus? Is that reuniting in formation? Or does it mean these guys where playing Risk during their reunion??? Oh well, who gives a rat's ass! Deceiver apparantly reunited strategically to thrash heavy metal. Well mister, did they??

Well yeah, pretty much! Thrashing Heavy Metal turned out to be a great relief from all the emo crap that has been coming out lately in heavy metal land! It is a strategically well planned album that rocks like metalbands used to do! No false pretences, no complicated schemes, just some good thrashing metal! Variation you ask? Well they go faster on some parts of the album and slow down on other parts....Ok it's a lot of the same, but it's bad ass!! And what fun songtitles do they have!

34 and a half minute of thunder blasts into your ears! It's just plain good 80's thrash metal! So! Do you like 4/4 notations, heavy guitars and drums? Try this on and see of it fits. If you're looking for the next best thing and something new? Don't even bother.

Deceiver - Thrashing heavy Metal
83/1001Details Pulverised Records
Released on Thursday Jan 1st, 1970
Thrash Metal/80's Metal

Writer @LondonCustoms on Thursday Apr 16th, 2009

Tags: #Deceiver
Tracklisting 1. The Tails Of Whom In Shadows Fall
2. Ghost Of Souls&Inner Hate
3. Graveyard Lover
4. Coma Of Death Toxication
5. Machinery Of God
6. Blood Of The Soul
7. Dead To The World
8. The Dungeon
9. Legacy
10.Thrashing Heavy Metal
Line up Pete Flesh - Guitars&Vocals
Flingan - Drums
Crille Lundin - Bass