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Deceiver - Riding With The Reaper
You know what I like about Heavy Metal? The fact that you could listen to a metal song, that tells tails of slaying dragons, numbers of a beast or holy divers, and even though you are listening to something that seems to have no deeper meaning at all, you totally agree. Somehow I can't stand this feature in many other genres, but if metal is done right, it saves the day. Welcome to Deceiver.

I can't stretch it enough: I love the Swedish rock-scene. From glamrock to grindcore, and from oldschool heavy metal to black metal, there's a lot of great music to be heard that origines from this country. Iron Fist is one of those great labels that features quite some entertaining music for you to dip your balls in.

Only around since early 2004, these ex-Maze Of Torment/ex-Xenofanes bangers have built a decent reputation in the Swedish underground. Now, after a mini cd hailing back from end of last year, Tommy Tägtren (not to be confused with that other Tägtren of metal-fame) and Deceiver entered the Abyss studio to record Ride With The Reaper.

The buzz seems to be justified, nice bangable metal that rieks of beer and long sweaty hairs. Topics like "Slay The Rainbow", "Raise Your Horns", "Destroy Them All" and "Mexican Thunder" should appeal to your metal-mind. If one has to describe the music (or rather compare) I'd say "a fine mixture of Priest, old Maiden and yea ol' Thrash like Sodom" would be in order. Personal highlight is spotted in the finely driven "Cover The Wounds" with cool collaboration with a female singer. Swords, beer and a chick singing on a metal track. Enough to give me a stiffy anyway.

Good stuff, never over the top, never overly exiting but enough juice to get you pumped up for another day. It's that kick in your nutsack you needed on a rainy day.

Now fuck off while I pretend to Slay The Rainbow with my imaginairy sword again!

Destormo: Vocals
Crille Lundin: Bass
Magnus Flink: Drums
Pete Flesh: Guitar

1. Crown Of Deceit
2. Raise Your Horns
3. Sinners Congregation
4. Riding With The Reaper
5. Slay The Rainbow
6. God Of Dead
7. She - Ghost
8. Cover The Wounds
9. Mexican Thunder
10. Destroy 'Em All
Deceiver - Riding With The Reaper
70/1001Details Iron Fist Productions
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Fucking Metal

Writer @Lex on Wednesday Jun 29th, 2005

Tags: #Deceiver
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