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Wolves In The Throne Room - Black Cascade
Wolves In The Throne Room didn’t take long to become one of the biggest hypes in the world of black metal. The atmospheric act has conquered the hearts and minds of black metal heads all over the world with their quality records and magnificent live shows. Now they return with a new full length, again through Southern Lord Recordings, entitled Black Cascade.
Black Cascade offers four tracks of the finest black/doom metal known to man, all lasting over ten minutes. They go down a bit smoother than the previous record, yet the production is still quite primitive. The mossy synthesisers still mix splendidly with the blazing melodic black metal riffs, creating massive soundscapes supported by devastating blasting and demonic screams. The atmosphere put together pulls the listener into a bleak, depressive and enchanting world, deprived of daylight but with small sparks of hope from time to time.
For me it is the band that finally showed me the sides of black metal that I can really appreciate, although it is unjust to label them black metal for there is so much more to their music. It’s depth and vastness is brought even more forward on Black Cascade, convincing the audience once more that their rising star is a justified one.
Black metal fans need no more introduction to this band, but if you’re looking to get in the genre, try Wolves In The Throne Room some time, preferably Black Cascade or the live record of their amazing Roadburn festival 2008 performance. It’s a dark and heavy ride, but one worth taking. Time and time again.
Wolves In The Throne Room - Black Cascade
90/1001Details Southern Lord
Released on Tuesday Mar 31st, 2009
Black Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday May 2nd, 2009

Tags: #Wolves In The Throne Room
Tracklisting 1. Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog 10:33
2. Ahrimanic Trance 14:05
3. Ex Cathedra 10:58
4. Crystal Ammunition 14:20
Line up Nathan Weaver - Vocals, Guitar
Will Lindsay - Guitar, Backing Vocal
Ross Sewage - Bass
Aaron Weaver - Drums
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