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Wolves In The Throne Room, The Devils Blood, Anaphylactic Shock - Eco Black Metal warriors destroy W2!
This Friday night was a much anticipated night for a lot of people in the Netherlands. Two of the most (well deserved) hyped bands, teamed up for a memorable night. The occult rockers from The Devils Blood and the eco-black metal warriors of Wolves In The Throne Room. This in one of the nicest clubs around in the Netherlands.

Anaphylactic Shock
was a completely new band to me. Not sure why I never heard of these guys before since they are originated in Tilburg, the Netherlands. I’m glad this concert gave me the opportunity to get acquainted with their music. Even though I just walked into the Willem 2 and I always need a moment or two (read: a beer or two) to get into the vibe, when Anaphylactic Shock started playing, they pulled me directly into the right vibe. In my opinion, this black ‘n roll band didn’t complement the following two bands that well, but on the other hand, the show was so dynamic, I was able to consider it as an individual appearance and appreciate it a lot. Definitely a band that deserves some attention! (Kaar)  

The Devils Blood  
(All pics: Lindsy Bouten)

It’s kind of hard to write objective, about a band that released probably one of the best albums in a long time. It gets even harder, when you saw them play a couple of times live on stage! Absolute phenomenal shows like the devil himself took possession of them. The Devils Blood took the stage with a lot of dramatical theatre, with facial blood and chandeliers with black candles. It creates the right atmosphere straight away. Their guitar-player SL held an occult ritual on stage, where he mumbled some spells and drank pig’s blood out of a chalice. After that he threw the blood in the audience, some people were literally drenched in blood. And again everything fell right on its place within this band; the haunting and magical vocals, the splendid twin guitar-parts, the songs, the atmosphere, just basically everything. This is the third time I’ve seen this band and again I got shivers down my spine. They truly wrote some memorable songs. Musically you have to think in the vein of occult 70’s rock bands like Coven, Black Widow and the nowadays Witchcraft. Tonight they played a long set and they basically played every song from the Graveyard Shuffle vinyl 7” and their debut album Come, Reap, including the Roky Erickson cover ‘White Faces’. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought I heard a couple of new songs as well this night. One song being a very up-tempo Thin Lizzy alike rocker! One point of criticism I can give them is that some songs and solos are perhaps a bit too long for people with a short attention span! Phenomenal band, that is hard on its way to become a cult legend. (RoyBalowski)

The Devils Blood

During The Devils Blood I wandered off, because that’s really not my thing. I decided to go and explore the venue and its audience since it was the first time for me to visit a gig at this club. A lot of impressions on one night, as you will probably understand. In my opinion it was a bit too crowded, but on the other hand that’s better than only twenty people present at a gig. The atmosphere was alright, considering the completely different people and ages walking around. Unfortunately, there was some obvious tension since not everyone can appreciate the headbang approach of some people, especially not in combination with alcohol. And then, finally! The boobs and big belly with the voice of a strangled cat left the stage and it was time for the band of the night: American black metal/ambient band Wolves In The Throne Room. Imagine a blue stage on which it’s difficult to distinguish one person from another, so not much reason to keep watching the stage. The sound wasn’t perfect, but nevertheless, as soon as the first song started, you absorbed the melodies and basically before you knew it the concert was over. Wolves In The Throne Room is for sure a band that puts the music first, that’s probably why the stage concept was so moderate, and the band is very intense in delivering the music it produces. Too bad the venue itself was even darker than the stage, so I almost broke my neck due to the different levels on the floor; that might had something to do with my balance at that moment or the fact that I was so deeply concentrated on the music. Anyway, overall, it was an amazing concert, even though I know a lot of people were disappointed they weren’t able to watch Wolves In The Throne Room entirely because they had to take the time tables of public transport into consideration. Maybe something the venue should have taken into account. Other than that, both my thumbs up on this gig! (Kaar)