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Fire In The Attic - Fire In The Attic
With Fire In The Attic I once again experienced how crappy my music installation in my car is. The first time I played this album was in my car and I really couldn’t separate the drums from the guitar. Luckily I was smart enough to put this album in my CD player at home. Oh boy what a difference that was. Fire In The Attic is a five piece from Germany that have released already three albums on Redfield Records.
Prior to the recording process of this album, the original vocalist left the band because he wasn’t happy with the musical direction of the band. Thomas Prescott from the band Kenai was the right person to fill in the vacancy. With the addition of Thomas there was also the possibility to add some keys to the album and the band was even so kind to use the writing skills of the new guy on this album.
From the first tones of ‘Are We There Yet?’ I got very curious about the rest of the album. It slowly builds up to a nice chorus where the vocal quality of Thomas Prescott shows why he’s the man to fit the job. The song reminds me a bit of Billy Talent and Taking Back Sunday which are probably exactly the kind of bands which you can compare these German rockers to. To be honest they don’t bring anything new to the table but that  doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all bad. On the contrary, the songs on this album are quite diverse. You have the standard punkpop rock songs where the pedal hits the metal and you got the more evolved epic tracks.
It’s exactly this diversity that keeps the album attractive. A great example of this diversity is probably ‘Wide Eyes’ which switches from punk to screamo to emo and back to punk. It’s also this diversity that keeps me listening to this album because every spin I come across details that I didn’t notice before.
Overall a great album, not an original one but still an album that holds my attention with some great songs. This album should take Fire In The Attic a great step forward on the musical ladder. Apparently a great album for the fans of the bands mentioned above.
Fire In The Attic - Fire In The Attic
85/1001Details Redfield Records
Released on Friday Mar 9th, 2001
Emo / Screamo / Post Hardcore

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday May 12th, 2009

Tags: #Fire In The Attic
Tracklisting 1. Are We There Yet?
2. Running With Scissors
3. Wide Eyes
4. Heartbeats For Paychecks
5. Clockworks
6. Emergency Exit
7. The Failure Part I - The Nightmare
8. The Failure Part II - The Hangover
9. A Call Into Arms
10. Sinking (Relation)ship
11. Call It Quits
12. Imperfection Is Infinite
13. Shapeshifting Mountain
Line up Thomas Prescott - vocals/synth/keys
Richard Meyer - guitars/vocals
Daniel Crebelli - guitars/vocals
Dennis Meyer - bass
Daniel Plotzki - Drums