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The Burning - Rewakening
I have read many reviews since this album has come out. It seems that the critics are a bit divided regarding this album. Some love it, while others think it’s nothing special and just another run of the mill death/thrash band. I have never had the chance to listen to their debut album, so with an open mind I listened to this album.
The Burning plays death/thrash with a lot of groove. They are too melodic to be considered a death metal band and they're missing the rough edges to be considered a stereotypical thrash band. They really have found a place right in the middle. Not a bad thing if you ask me.
The one thing that immediately stands out is the groove that they possess. It reminds me a bit of Pantera. It is this groove that sets The Burning apart from the pack. Because of this it gives their songs just that edge to consider The Burning an above average band. The groove is not just a gimmick, but they use it to write catchy, well written songs. Various songs find their way to your brain instantly, especially ´Carnivora´ and ‘Evangelical Cannibal´ are songs that were buzzing around for days after listening to them. The album as a whole hasn’t bored me one bit and that’s quite the accomplishment nowadays.
Of course they don’t play the most original form of metal and I can understand a lot of critics. But when songs are written this well, I really don’t care one bit for originality. They maybe could try to find a way to come up with more innovative bridges or stuff like that for the upcoming releases, but for the time being this album will do perfectly! By the way I also want to thank Massacre Records for not sending us a promo with those horrible voice-overs. Two thumbs up!
The Burning - Rewakening
82/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Friday Feb 27th, 2009
Death / Thrash

Writer @Neurotic on Saturday May 23rd, 2009

Tags: #The Burning
Tracklisting 01. It Came From The North
02. Cloven Hoof
03. Carnivora
04. Eight Legged Omen
05. Repentance (Burned On The Stake)
06. Father They Call Me The Heretic
07. He Who Whispers In The Back Of Us All
08. Evangelical Cannibal
09. Unspeakable
10. Live The Goat
11. Rewakening
12. My Apostacy
Line up Johnny Haven - Vocals
Rasmus Normand - Guitars
Thue Moller - Bass
Tobias Host - Drums