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Necrophobic - Death To All
With an existence of 20 years now and 5 full-length albums, Necrophobic built a pretty big cult status over the last few years. In the three years after the release of 2006’s Hrimthursum the band certainly didn’t keep moving and only now comes up with their sixth full-length album. Death To All will certainly not win awards for the cutest album title!
Swedish crushing satanic blackened death metal is the best way to describe Necrophobic. The band has never been known for being very progressive, but the quality is nothing less! Death To All is yet another output for the band’s satanic beliefs and to put out some quality blackened metal. “Celebration of the Goat” kicks off a blasting 45 minutes of pure but extreme music with lyrics concerning mostly anti-Christianity, Satanism, evil and hate. This album is a little more melodic than the previous ones, giving guitarists Johan Bergebäck and Sebastian Ramstedt also some more space for solos. The music can best be compared to acts like God Dethroned, Unleashed and Watain. Talking about the last band, Erik Danielsson from Watain did an awesome job on the artwork of Death To All.
Death To All is nothing more nothing less than what we're used to from these guys. It’s all been done before but Necrophobic does it all over again in a proper way. The pure hate that comes of the album, especially due to Tobias’ convincing vocal duties, makes it a good pissed off album with enough melody to keep the album exciting from start ‘til the end. This is one “For Those Who Stayed Satanic”!
Necrophobic - Death To All
70/1001Details Regain Records
Released on Tuesday Jun 2nd, 2009
Blackened Death Metal

Writer @Brent_ on Sunday Jun 21st, 2009

Tags: #Necrophobic
Tracklisting 01. Celebration of the Goat
02. Revelation 666
03. La Satisma Muerte
04. For Those Who Stayed Satanic
05. Temple of Damnation
06. The Tower
07. Wings of Death
08. Death To All
I - The Summoning
II - Triumph of the Horned
III - ...and Jesus Wept
Line up Johan BergebÀck - Guitar
Sebastian Ramstedt - Guitar
Tobias SidegÄrd - Vocals, Bass
Joakim Sterner - Drums