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Dying Humanity - Fragments Of An Incomplete Puzzle
About two years ago I reviewed the debut full length of Germany’s Dying Humanity, a band that showed potential but still had room for improvement. Two years later now, they offer us the follow-up. Let’s see how this band has evolved.
Dying Humanity have a thing for combining death and thrash metal with each other. Now don’t go thinking deathcore immediately because that is not the case. The band respects the elements of both sides and manages to incorporate both the melodic and brutal aspects of both styles. Yet I still kind of have the same problem that I had with their debut, nothing really sticks. No matter how often I go over it, there’s nothing lingering around in my head afterwards. A pity, for the talent they display is on a pretty high level and also the production of the record is more than average (mastering done by Alan Douches).
All in all I’d still say all the ingredients to form a decent thrash/death metal band are here, yet the songs written with it don’t do anything for me. I find it hard to pinpoint what causes this exactly, but I hope the band figures out what it is so they can take the final step to success. Cheers lads!

Dying Humanity - Fragments Of An Incomplete Puzzle
67/1001Details Maintain Records
Released on Friday Jun 5th, 2009
Thrash Metal / Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Aug 26th, 2009

Tags: #Dying Humanity
Tracklisting 01. Catch The Puzzles
02. Internal Decay
03. Worth Of Human Life
04. Sick Desire - Dead Aim
05. Bitch
06. Make Them Forgotten
07. Perversion For Defenceless Victims
08. Fragments Of An Incomplete Puzzle
09. Failing Existence
10. Instinct
11. Vicious Silence
12. A Sleaze And A Shame
13. Annul The Fragments
Line up Danny Vanis - Drums
Hendrik Wetzel - Bass
Ken Uhlig - Guitars
Marcus Dietzsch - Vocals
Kai Seidel - Guitars