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Man Must Die - No Tolerance For Imperfection
Scotland offered the very first U.K. band for Relapse Records. Man Must Die released their second full length on that particular label in 2007. That didn’t impress me too much, and neither did a couple of live performances later. But seeing them with new material at Death Feast earlier this year, I was quite amazed with their progress. Now they return with No Tolerance For Imperfection, let’s see if it nears perfection.
The first thing one notices when listening to No Tolerance For Imperfection is the change in technicality and speed Man Must Die possess. Not only has their music become of a more technical death metal and even a bit grindcore kind, they’ve raised their speed tremendously to even some hyperblasting and highly fast double bass drumming. This is all caused by a change in drummer, now seated on the man slaughtering drum crutch is Matt Holland who likes it fast and brutal so it appears. All in all these changes definitely lift this band to a higher level than before.
Although I did found it a bit sad to read an interview with these guys in which they complain about their label and not being bought in on tours, they have proven to me to be a worthy death metal band with a lot of potential for the future. No Tolerance For Imperfection is a good slab of modern death metal. It grooves, it bashes, it can go fast and slow while maintaining its brutality at all times, it all sounds good to me! I’d like to see where this record takes these guys, and if they’re able to supersede this one in the future. Keep it up dudes!
Man Must Die - No Tolerance For Imperfection
78/1001Details Relapse Records
Released on Monday Aug 10th, 2009
Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Sep 3rd, 2009

Tags: #Man Must Die
Tracklisting 01. No Tolerance For Imperfection 04:39
02. Gainsayer 04:54
03. Kill It Skin It Wear It 04:18
04. It Comes In Threes 05:05
05. This Day Is Black 04:38
06. Hide The Knives 04:33
07. Dead In The Water 04:40
08. What I Can't Take Back 03:33
09. Reflections From Within 06:06
10. How The Mighty Have Fallen 05:18
11. Survival Of The Sickest 02:45
Line up Joe McGlynn - Vocals
Alan McFarland - Guitar
Danny McNab - Bass
Matt Holland - Drums