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Misery Index, Despised Icon, Beneath The Massacre, Man Must Die - Some GOOD death metal!
Finally a death metal trek with more than one band I like! No less than four quality acts took the stage on this tour of brutal death metal, being Man Must Die, Beneath The Massacre, Despised Icon and the almighty Misery Index. Time to kill!!!
Of all the great bands that were on the bill tonight, it was Man Must Die who had to open the show. This Scottish band (their singer had this great British accent) gave a nice show in which they set tone for the bands to come. Heavily triggered double bass laid down the foundation for Kataklysm-like brutal death metal, a sound that MMD combines with melodic guitar work. These parts did not always sound very original (some of them reminding me of Metallica), but they do make them different from all those other bands in the genre. That’ll be the reason that they’re signed to Relapse Records too, a good deal if you ask me. I’m happy I’ve seen them live, although they couldn’t compete with the rest of the line-up. (Mindsaver)
A few days before the show I checked out Beneath The Massacre’s debut record and I was totally annihilated by it. They play a perfect blend of brutal, mechanic and technical death metal, accompanied by an occasional hyperblast and breakdown. It’s as if Necrophagist, Dying Fetus, Despised Icon, Meshuggah and Fear Factory broke up and the best members of those bands formed Beneath The Massacre, a pretty strange combination which works out fantastically. Of course the big question was how this would be live. I was so relieved that they totally lived up to all my expectations, and even more. These guys gave a fucking tight, technically impressive and aggressively convincing show. Too bad that the singer wasn’t feeling well, which wasn’t noticeable judging by his voice by the way, so they did a very short set. They left the audience craving for MORE Beneath The Massacre. (Sledgehammer Messiah)
I already visited this tour at the Belgium show, which was already killer. At Despised Icon’s show over there I was flying around like an idiot, kicking down all those hardcore poser kids that every metalhead has come to hate or like. I like to participate, and I like to kick them down even more. Today I decided to really watch the show of Despised Icon. Their deathcore hybrid is of such intense brutality, it gave me a smile for the entire set. The hyperblasts, technical death metal riffing, and most of all the devastating breakdowns bashed into the crowd like a glass bottle hitting Sebastian Bach in the head, simply destroying everything. The two vocalist were prowling the stage like maniacs, throwing out hardcore screams, grunts, (ten ton)pig squeals and more inhuman noise, pleasing me very much. This was again an awesome show which must have gained them a lot of new fans. I for one will definitely be present at their next show again, probably kicking down posers again! (DemonDust)
I can’t remember how many live reviews I have written about Misery Index anymore, but I can assure you there was never a negative one. While most poser hardcore faggots had already left the venue, the die hard metal fans remained to witness everything being destroyed by one of the greatest death/grind acts ever; Misery Index. The sound was (like with all the bands) superb, perhaps even a little better with this band than the rest, which caused for my head to bang for the entire show and me kicking down some moshers at the right moments. And I know all the right moments in Misery Index’s songs, yeehaa! Words cannot express the sheer brutality and the absurd intensity this band packs on stage, you have to experience it to believe it. So next time they’re over here, get your ass to their show and DESTROY!!! (DemonDust)

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