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Divine Heresy - Bringer Of Plagues
The name of Dino Cazares will forever be connected to Fear Factory. When the chubby guitar player decided it was okay to become friends again with Burton C. Bell and to combine it with a tour he instantly became my friend. Sadly the other two decided the name Fear Factory couldn’t be used during the tour and the whole deal was cancelled. Luckily for all the fans of heavy riffage there’s still that other band of Dino called Divine Heresy. The band that released Bleed The Fifth two years ago and already kicked out the original vocalist of that album. With their new vocalist and a new album, they’re back.
We already knew that Dino is one hell of a guitar player when it comes to creating riffs. We already knew that Tim Yeung is one of the tightest drummers on the face of the earth. We didn’t know that Travis Neal was such a great vocalist. From the first tones of ´Facebreaker´ till the last seconds of ´The Battle Of J. Casey´ I’m completely blown away by his vocal capabilities.
The funniest thing is that after this second track ('The Battle Of J. Casey') the album continues with an intro that is followed by the title track where the entire band sounds even more brutal than on the previous songs. It’s almost like they decided to let the fans get used to the new guy and after that go berserk. The intensity of this song is almost unbelievable and gave me goosebumps all along. After this track the album contains its level of intensity and Divine Heresy shows to be a goddamn brutal band.
Of course I’m still hoping for a Fear Factory reunion with a new Demanufacture as aftermath. Until that time I’m continuing to please myself with the Divine Heresy thing from Dino. Their previous album was great, this one is superb. Goddamn what an album!
Divine Heresy - Bringer Of Plagues
95/1001Details AFM Records
Released on Sunday Jul 9th, 2028
Metal / Death Metal

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Sep 15th, 2009

Tags: #Divine Heresy
Tracklisting 1. Facebreaker
2. The Battle Of J. Casey
3. Undivine Prophecies (Intro)
4. Bringer Of Plagues
5. Redefine
6. Anarchaos
7. Monolithic Doomsday Devices
8. Letter To Mother
9. Enemy Kill
10. Darkness Embedded
11. The End Begins
12. Forever The Failure
Line up Travis Neal - vocals
Dino Cazares - guitar
Joe Payne - bass guitar
Tim Yeung - drums