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Divine Heresy, Blood Red Throne, Hacride - Give them a blastbeat!
In its short existence Divine Heresy already needs no introduction anymore, since everybody now knows who are in this band. Today was their first appearance on Dutch soil. Support on their first European trek comes from Blood Red Throne and Hacride.

Hacride had the honour to open up tonight. These Frenchmen, whose music can be compared with their Listenable Records label mates Gojira and Textures had a really bad start due to a terrible sound. Fortunately the sound engineer knew how to fix these problems during the first songs, so I got to really enjoy their complex music for the second time in just a few months. This under circumstances of a pretty empty venue and an audience that for the biggest part came for some grooving, brutal and above all catchy music. Hacride (under leading of their exerted frontman Samuel who does anything to get the crowd going) knows how to play death metal with a lot of groove, but these men sure aren't familiar with the term "catchy" at all. Drummer Olivier alone makes it worth a view already, while their dynamic music is just great. How saddened that unless their hard work only a few metalheads truly appreciated what they were doing. I personally found it a super performance aided by a just as good lightshow. After around half an hour they ended with the beautiful final track of their latest album Amoeba: 'On The Threshold Of Death'. (Mindsaver)

Also Blood Red Throne suffered from a weak sound in the beginning, which was luckily enough fixed in a short period of time as well. Immediately when they began to play I was blown away by nothing else than I expected: excellent fucking death metal! A treat for what seemed a big part of the present audience because a violent pit was created while everywhere I looked long hair was waving around. The fact that the bassdrum didn't sound too loud (it sounded pretty pure actually) made the groove-rate even higher. No instruments really stood out except for Vald's mic in the beginning. Blood Red Throne played a nice mix with songs from all their four albums, however most songs came from their latest two albums Altered Genesis and Come Death. When their show seemed over and people started to applause, Blood Red Throne staggered everybody with another brutal part. Typical for this great band, no mercy!

One of the things that I was most curious about tonight was whether singer Tommy Vext would be able to perform the clean vocals in a decent way. When he came on stage I was like: wow, dude, that guy is really big. Think of Howard Jones of Killswitch, times ten! A real impressive figure to see and combined with his good aggressive screaming vocals an awesome frontman. Sometimes he was so active; his 360s really made me think of Marc Rizzo, that there were too many false notes in his clean vocals. But I was pretty surprised that when he had his breath he could really actually sing the clean vocals well, why then let them sound so artificial, auto-tuned, Cher-ish on record?! Well, that's enough about Tommy, because the actual star of the band is of course Dino. It's great to see him back again, with his famous Fear Factory sound, because let's face it, Divine Heresy really is just a continuation of the style and sound of that band, now slightly evolved to a death metal sound. This is where Tim Yeung kicks in because this abnormal fast (he is officially the world's fastest feet drummer of 2006) and furious death metal drummer plays a major role in the force with which their music comes across. Naturally all songs of their debut were played and as was to be expected some Fear Factory songs passed by, in succession 'Self Bias Resistor' and 'Replica' were played. It's sad that I've never heard Burton C. Bell himself sing the clean vocals with so little false notes. By hearing those songs after Divine Heresy songs it's even more obvious that Divine Heresy continues on the track where Dino has left Fear Factory. In my opinion they are too close to the Fear Factory sound and those records will never be superseded, that's why I really like them to continue on the more death metal path that they are already taking, oh and let's just drop those cheesy clean vocals. Besides this, it was an awesome show to witness and great to see Dino on stage again with his signature sound. (Sledgehammer Messiah)