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Shadows Fall - Retribution
Shadows Fall is one of those bands that have the honour of creating a new type of genre. Together with bands like Unearth, Killswitch Engage and Lamb Of God they’re hold accounted for the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal that has been raging for several years by now. With a steadily growing fanbase they released Threads Of Life in 2007. This didn’t bring them the success that Atlantic Records wanted, so it was exit Shadows Fall. Brain Fair and his allies came back with Retribution that was recently released through their own label called Everblack Industries.
After starting with ‘The Path To Imminent Ruin’, which is nothing more than an acoustic intro, the album really gets it going with ‘My Demise’. Shadows Fall has always mixed melody with intensity very well and within seconds of this first song it’s obvious they continued to do so on this album. With huge chugging riffs, powerful solos, both brutal and clean vocals and a tight rhythm section they manage to grab my attention for the entire seven minutes of the song. A great way to start the album in my opinion.
The album continues with its intensity during the songs ‘Still I Rise’, ‘War’ and ‘King Of Nothing’. ‘Still I Rise’ is also the first single of the album and is almost a blueprint for the modern metal songs. Catchy hooks combined with powerful screams and a lot of melody. With ‘Picture PerfectShadows Fall has even recorded a semi-ballad that has some great potential, if you’d ask me.
This album is of course a must have for every fan within the genre. There’s no doubt about that. But the question is what the album will do for the band itself. I believe with a bit of luck it could turn out pretty good. There are great songs on the album and some of them even have some hit potential. Still, most of all is this an album where Shadows Fall still shows that they're capable of some playing some good NWOAHM.
Shadows Fall - Retribution
83/1001Details Everblack Industries
Released on Monday Sep 9th, 2024
NWOAHM / Metalcore

Writer @Niamen on Friday Oct 9th, 2009

Tags: #Shadows Fall
Tracklisting 01. The Path to Imminent Ruin
02. My Demise
03. Still I Rise
04. War
05. King of Nothing
06. The Taste of Fear
07. Embrace Annihilation
08. Picture Perfect
09. A Public Execution
10. Dead and Gone
Line up Brian Fair - Vocals
Matthew Bachand - Guitar, Vocals
Jason Bittner - Drums
Jonathan Donais - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Romanko - Bass