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Shadows Fall - Fallout from the War
No, this is not an entirely new album from Shadows Fall. This CD consists of several re-recorded versions of rare material over the years, three covers and singer Brian Fair explains that the new songs close out ‘The War Within’ album cycle. This album is actually meant to be a companion piece to ‘The War Within’. Let’s see how interesting this is.
First of all I would like to say that Shadows Fall always consistently made good albums. The only thing that really bugged me were the screams of Brian, which sometimes, at their highest point, sound like some kind of monotone noise. Fortunately he started to sing more and more clean throughout the years which he is really good at.
The CD opens with the fantastic song ‘Eligy’. It starts as a regular Shadows Fall song, with a recognizable Metalcore riff. It’s at the chorus where we find out that they’ve taken the melodies and clean singing a step further with the new songs. A nice slow guitar melody supports awesome clean vocals without turning it into a pussy song, which is often the case with Metalcore bands. I wouldn’t exactly describe Shadows Fall as a true Metalcore band, mainly because in almost every song there can be find an awesome solo and the double bass isn’t hit at every note in a heavy riff. These facts give you a more traditional Metal feeling.
For the ones who now fear that Shadows Fall is turning into an entirely melodic band, I would say don’t worry. They still throw out heavy riffs as they’ve always did, but everything is now sounding too familiar; not taking the re-recorded songs in consideration. Except for some more clean vocals I don’t hear significant changes in the new songs. It says enough that the song ‘Dead World’ was already at an EP in 2001 and fits in well with the new material.  Too bad that these guys didn’t made some more progression; it’s an awesome band but we don’t want to hear the same concept over and over again. Let’s hope that they’ll let us hear something really new with their next album. Oh, and the covers are fun to hear, but don’t really add something to the CD, check the tracklist for which songs are covered.
Shadows Fall - Fallout from the War
73/1001Details Century Media
Released on Wednesday Jun 7th, 2006
Modern Metal

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Wednesday Jun 7th, 2006

Tags: #Shadows Fall
Tracklisting 1. In Effigy 03:24
2. Will To Rebuild 03:06
3. Haunting Me Endlessly 03:46
4. Seize The Calm 02:54
5. Carpal Tunnel 03:53
6. Going, Going, Gone 03:08
7. This Is My Own 04:47
8. Deadworld 04:52
9. Mark Of The Squealer (Leeway Cover) 03:39
10. December (Only Living Witness Cover) 05:07
11. Teasin\' Pleasin\' (Dangerous Toys Cover) 03:14
Line up Brian Fair - Vocals
Matthew Bachand - Guitars/Vocals
Jonathan Donais - Lead Guitar/vocals
Paul Romanko - Bass
Jason Bittner - Drums