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The Gathering - The West Pole
The Gathering is for me synonymous for the single 'Strange Machines', a song which I have listened to over and over again when I was young and TMF had still a rock/metal show on television. After Nighttime Birds I never really paid any attention towards The Gathering, so when I heard some newer cd´s I was a bit shocked with the development of the band. I hoped that with a new singer, the old times would return.
For people who don’t know The Gathering, they started as a gothic metal band and developed in a more pop/alternative rock band. This is the first album with new singer Silje Wergeland. She is the former frontlady of Octavia Sperati. They follow the same path which they followed with Anneke still in the band. So don’t expect a return to their metal roots, when checking out this album!
This was an error I made. I had hoped so hard that they would return to their more heavier roots, that I was frankly a bit disappointed when I listened to this disc the first few times. But after a while this album grew on me and I must say that when playing this album at certain times and occasions that it’s really outstanding. This isn’t an album that you want to listen to when blasting your way on the road. It’s more soothing though they start off quite heavy with the intro ‘When Trust Becomes Sound’ and ‘Treasure’, which even brings back memories of the Nighttime Birds album.
Concluding, this album is well executed. Silje has a nice, familiar (because it really reminds me of Anneke’s) voice with a lot of warmth. Both guest singers Marcela Bovia and Anne van den Hoogen also do a fine job on the album. The album is furthermore very atmospheric and there is enough variety to keep me interested. Recommended!
The Gathering - The West Pole
78/1001Details Psychonaut Records
Released on Monday May 4th, 2009
Gothic Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Tuesday Nov 3rd, 2009

Tags: #The Gathering
Tracklisting 01. When Trust Becomes Sound
02. Treasure
03. All You Are
04. The West Pole
05. No Bird Call
06. Capital Of Nowhere
07. You Promised Me A Symphony
08. Pale Traces
09. No One Spokes
10. Constant Run
Line up Silje Wergeland – Vocals
René Rutten – Guitars
Marjolein Kooijman – Bass
Frank Boeijen – Keys
Hans Rutten - Drums
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