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Tenet - Sovereign
Within the music business it often occurs that besides a great band, a side project evolves. Well in a nutshell this is the story of Tenet. The band, which was founded in 1996 by Jed Simon (Strapping Young Lad, Zimmershole), never really resulted in serious work and only resulted in some demo recordings and casual performances. Back in the days Jed Simon teamed up with Glen Alvelais (Forbidden, Testament) with the plans of recording an entire album for Tenet. Unfortunately the album was never recorded, so when those guys where reconnected a decade later the plan for an album finally came true.
With the help from the band mates Gene Hoglan and Byron Stroud he started to create his masterpiece called Sovereign. After several auditions Steve “Zetro” Souza was the right guy to give this album its classic thrash metal feel. Oh boy, Jed Simon  was right to do so! After the scream of Steve during the first couple of seconds on the first track this band immediately caught my attention. Both the power of the track as well the typical screaming vocals of Steve give me goose bumps within seconds. Within the track the basis exists of a solid ground produced by Gene and Byron. On top of that are Jed and Glen going completely berserk with furious riffs and blasting solos.
Considering the line-up exists out of musicians from Strapping Young Lad, Testament and Exodus it’s not really a surprise that the songs blasts through your speakers with high speed. This obviously contributes to the impact of the album although I have to say it’s not only full throttle metal. With ´Unnameable’ and ‘Going Down’ there are two great midtempo tracks on the album that give the album just enough variety. An album for the good old stoked metal fans that are still banging their heads of to the good old Exodus albums.
Tenet - Sovereign
87/1001Details Century Media
Released on Sunday Aug 9th, 2020
Thrash Metal

Writer @Niamen on Friday Nov 6th, 2009

Tags: #Tenet
Tracklisting 1. Being And Nothingness
2. Indulge Me
3. Crown Of Thorns
4. Unnameable
5. Take A Long Line
6. Going Down
7. Hail Hail
8. Watching You Burn
9. Sovereign
Line up Steve Souza - vocals
Jed Simon - guitar
Glen Alvelais - guitar
Byron Stroud - bass
Gene Hoglan - drums