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Exmortem - Funeral Phantoms
Exmortem is a five-piece death metal band from Århus, Denmark, that's been around since 1993. During their lengthy career they released six studio albums, of which Funeral Phantoms from 2008 is their last one.
Since Berzerker Legions in 2001, Exmortem doesn’t consist of any founding members, but with Martin Thim as new creative force, the band kept on improving their brutal sound. The record to celebrate their 15th anniversary with, Funeral Phantoms, is their self-declared strongest album to date and after listening to their back catalogue I can agree with that. None of their other albums are actually bad or weak, but the new record clearly sounds more complete as a whole.

The production, that was done by the band themselves, has a lot to do with this. The album has a dark atmosphere and the overall sound is very thick and heavy. All elements are still clearly audible; none of the riffs, blasts or cymbals are unheard. Yet the band doesn’t try to focus on technique or brutality, but pays more attention to not lose the complete listening experience.

In stylistic terms this band doesn’t sound very European. More often do I hear US-death influences, think Hate Eternal and Lecherous Nocturne. A comparison to country mates Dawn Of Demise isn’t strange either, although Dawn Of Demise sounds more modern and has more parts in which it slows down; Exmortem rather keeps it extreme and sinister. Overall seen Funeral Phantoms isn’t a death metal record to begin with, but the more experienced fans of the genre will like it for sure.
Exmortem - Funeral Phantoms
74/1001Details Mighty Music
Released on Monday Oct 27th, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @Mindsaver on Saturday Nov 7th, 2009

Tags: #Exmortem
Tracklisting 01. Black Opium
02. Souls Of Tyrants
03. Fixed In Slime
04. Funeral Phantoms
05. The Vultures Gather
06. Anger Trumpet Blow
07. Salvation
08. For The Grave Of History
09. Slow Death Regimes
10. A View To A Death In The Morning
Line up Simon Petersen - Vocals
Martin Thim - Guitar
Andreas Schubert - Guitar
Kim Nielsen - Bass
Morten Siersbæk - Drums