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Exmortem - Nihilistic Contentment
There aren’t many well-known brutal death metal bands from Denmark, but Exmortem is one of them. It shouldn’t be needed to introduce them to you, but for complete coverage, I’ll do it. Exmortem has been formed in 1992 and brought out their first full-length in 1995, entitled “Labyrinths Of Horror” After 2 more releases they released “Pestilence Empire” which has become their most successful effort until now. Ten years after the debut, Exmortem stands ready with a new album called “Nihilistic Contentment” The album was produced by Tue Madsen, who also produced “Pestilence Empire” and gave Exmortem that brutal US sound. This new album is the first album that’s released under Wicked World, after record deals with Hammerheart Records and Osmose Productions.  
The opening track "Flesh Havoc" sounded very familiar to me and they’ve draw a line from their last album to this one. The difference isn’t that high and the very nicely produced death metal blasting through my speakers can turn me upside down again. The tone is set with "Bitter Disciplin" and the album won’t really change in musical style. It’s all blasting and burbling through one thick pack of mud, bludgeoning every living thing on this goddamn planet! Exmortem did have the sense though, to combine those excruciatingly fast parts with hammering riffs that bring the tempo down. I did not mind that, because I do like some changes in the music, although I’m quite contented with everything that blasts enough. The slower parts are in my humble opinion not written with the same technique as they did on Pestilence Empire, but it still is enough to mosh on. Another good example is the song "Swamp Of Decadence", which blasts, but doesn’t at the same time. People who think I’ve lost my head, no folks…. Just listen to the music and you’ll know what I mean.
Overall, I’ve some points about this album that I find rather well, but also some points that were rather bad! I was really positive about the song writing, which really tended to bands like Dismember and Hypocrisy. However, the production and sound of the record tends to be very American. Examples: Hate Eternal, Agiel, Dying Fetus and Deeds Of Flesh. I do like it, but somehow I don’t at the same time. I’ve heard it all a dozen times, but Exmortem just do it again. The originality isn’t really blasting high and normally I do not care about originality, but for a band like Exmortem it’s a deadly loss. The real Exmortem fan shall dig this record and probably exclaim that it’s the most brutal thing they’ve ever heard, but I disagree with that.
Track List:
1: Flesh Havoc
2: Bitter Disciplin
3: The Human Rape Symphony
4: Black Walls Of Misery
5: Division Of Genocide Pleasure
6: Swamp Of Decadence
7: Symbols Of Inhumanity
8: Fix Of Negativity
9: Graveside Mourning Ritual
10: Parasite Paradise
Line Up:
Vocals – Simon
Guitar – Martin Sigtyr
Bass – Andreas
Drums – Reno
Exmortem - Nihilistic Contentment
77/1001Details Wicked World
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Saturday Mar 19th, 2005

Tags: #Exmortem
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